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Choosing a Bounce House for any Celebration

Trying to organize a party requires one to gather ideas and supplies for food and entertainment. While food may be an easy task to tackle within the planning process, trying to decide what type of activities to offer at your party can be quite the challenging task to defend against.

However, there are a few popular party rental items that can help your party become an immediate hit. One of the most popular party rental items may be the bounce house.

Great Wedding Anniversary Party Tips and Ideas

So many people are choosing to plan parties in order to celebrate their particular anniversary these days.

Celebrating a wedding anniversary can be quite a lot of fun and if done right can provide all attendees with a good feeling that they did something great for the honored guests.

While the setting and food are important, entertaining the guests and the couple can be an exciting experience, as well.

If you want to add an element of fun to an anniversary party, think of games that can be enjoyed throughout the get together. For example, an individual game that is often enjoyed at wedding anniversary parties will probably be finding out who knows the couple the most effective.

Tips for Planning an Amazing Halloween Party for Kids

The majority of us have probably been to a Halloween party at which older children dress up as spooky characters and spend lots of time trying to scare all others, particularly if there are younger children also present.

However, just how much fun can it be for the younger kids to be heckled and scared by gross appearing monsters they don’t understand? It might be fun for your older ones, but to possess a great Hallow’s eve for kids of every age group, you have to plan for all age groups.

Simple And Fun Kids Theme Celebration Ideas

Planning a party can be both fun and frustrating as you struggle to choose the best theme for the party that is certainly also age appropriate for the birthday girl or boy.

While using a theme may not be necessary, it can make the party more fun and memorable. Nonetheless, different ages will find different themes are more effective for various age groups of kids.

For example, a first birthday celebration can be entertaining for youngsters if the theme is based on something they know. A few of the top themes for one year old children are ones based on nursery rhymes or favorite toys.

Decorating Your Home for a Kid’s Birthday Celebration

Planning a party for your youngster can be a complicated task, if you aren’t fully prepared. A large part of the preparation will be gathering decorations you intend to use for the celebration.

In general, there are two initial facts to consider when planning a kid’s party. To begin, choose your theme and then pick your location. Outdoor and indoor parties will offer their very own challenges, but by picking out a theme for the party decor, making your decision about either one will be a lot less difficult.

How to Throw the Best Party Ever IV

How to throw the best party ever continued.

You want to plan an epic party. You want to show all of your family and friends a good time but money and time is tight. Here are some guidelines to stick to when planning an event within budget.

How to Throw a Party

How to Throw the Best Party Ever

Creating a Food and Drink Menu

When planning a party you want to make sure to include a food and drinks. Creating a food and/or drink menu can be tricky. Depending on the size of your party the cost of refreshments can seriously rack up. Having food and drinks at a party comes standard so most likely your guest will be expecting it. However there are a few different ways to approach this with out over spending.

How to Throw the Best Party Ever Part VI

 How to throw the best party ever continued.

Its time to start planning your perfect event. You want to show all of your family and friends a good time but money and time is tight. Here are some guidelines to stick to when planning an event within budget.

How to Throw a Party

How to Throw the Best Party Ever Part VI


The dress code

Oregon Inflatables

Oregon Inflatables – Inflatable game rental company in oregon

The Events Unlimited Portland office has received all kinds of last minute calls from organizations and customers of what seems to be a company offering inflatable rentals to Oregon State.  Apparently they have been unable to fulfill the events which they have reserved due to not having the equipment which they booked out.

Oregon Inflatables

Inflatable Rentals in Oregon

How to Throw the Best Party Ever Part III

How to throw the best party ever continued.

Its time to start planning your perfect event. You want to show all of your family and friends a good time but money and time is tight. Here are some guidelines to stick to when planning an event within budget.


Set the Date!

Once you’ve decided on where you want to have your party set the date and time! Once this is done now you get to start having fun planning the party!


Make Invitations

How to Throw the Best Party Ever Part I

How to Throw the Best Party Ever

You’ve seen those super sweet sixteen birthday parties on MTV. Where the kids have endless amounts of money to throw the birthday party of a lifetime. However, realistically those parties are only accessible to the 1 percent of Americans who can afford them. There is no reason to feel bad that you can’t afford to have such a glamorous party, most people can’t. But just because you don’t have a huge bank account doesn’t mean that you still can’t have an epic birthday party. There are tons of options available when it comes to creating stellar party.

How to Throw the Best Party Ever Part II

How to Throw the Best Party Ever Continued

You want to throw the best party ever, something like the ones you’ve seen on TV, but just because you don’t have a huge bank account like the kids on super sweet 16 doesn’t mean that you still can’t have an epic birthday party. There are tons of options available when it comes to creating stellar party.

How to Throw the Best Birthday Party Ever
How to Throw the Best Birthday Party Ever

Pick a Venue

Summer Kick-Off Party Ideas

Summer Kick off Party Ideas.

summer party ideas portland

With summer just around the corner, it is time to start planning your Summer Kick-Off Event! Strapped for ideas? Events Unlimited is here to help.

First and foremost when planning any event you want to make sure you are working with a safe and reliable company. Events Unlimited is the leading party rental company serving the greater Seattle and Portland areas. Customer friendly, we are the best and here to serve you. Making all of your event desires into reality. You name it and we’ll provide!

Fathers Day Party Ideas

Fathers Day is just around the corner and you want to show your dad, husband, or grandfather that you really care. You will need some time in advance to plan the perfect party and Events Unlimited is here to help. Depending on what you dad is into, there are tons of ways to plan a party that will fit your dad perfectly.

Pick a theme

New and Fun Party Ideas

New and Fun Party Ideas:

So you are planning an event. Whether its a birthday party, company event, promotional event, school carnival, or whatever, you want to do something different. Go above and beyond last year and give your guest something they’ve never seen or experienced before.


To Pick a Theme or To Not to Pick a Theme

Company Picnic Ideas! Make this years picnic a success!

Top 10 Ideas for your Company Picnic!

Looking for a fun idea, interesting game, exciting entertainment, great catering options, or even a new venue for the 2011 company picnic? There are all kinds of activities, entertainment, delicious foods and incredible event location options available for the picnic planner.

When it comes to a company picnic, we can offer fresh ideas- interesting entertainment, games, fun foods, concessions, BBQ, and any number of food services. Our professional event planners work year round producing company picnics and other employee appreciation events.

Tent & Event Rentals for any Occasion

At Events Unlimited we provide tent rentals and event rentals for all kinds of special events. No matter what the occasion, we are here to support your event rental needs. Our inventory and special events network boasts the Pacific Northwest’s single largest source of event rentals and entertainment solutions.

Tents- Things to think about when renting a tent:

What size of a tent or tents will you need?
Whether you are looking for one large tent, or several tents we have the solution.

Easter Bunny!

When it comes to planning an Easter extravaganza or other special event around easter weekend Events Unlimited can help!

We offer a whole selection of entertainment and event support items.  Whether you are looking for tents, tables, chairs – games, entertainment, or the Easter Bunny himself- we have the solution.

  • Easter Bunny Characters
  • Instant Print Photo Stations
  • Mini Golf Courses
  • Inflatable Games/Carnival Games
  • Game Leaders
  • Easter arts and crafts stations
  • Balloon Artists, Face Painters, and much more!
  • Tents, Tables, Chairs and party rental options

Fun Photo Options for Special Events

At Events Unlimited, we are the regions leader in interactive event entertainment.  We offer a whole host of live entertainers, games, activities, and party rental options for special events of all shapes and sizes.  Lately the many special event planners have been seeking out popular photo keepsake entertainment- and we have responded with a whole selection of fun photo options.


Snow Machine Rentals

Our snow machine rentals are the perfect addition for any winter wonderland event!  These snow makers creat realistic looking snow fall effects!

These commercial quality snow machines offer full on real quality appearing snow – they can shoot out up to 30ft and cover up to 15ft of width with realistic looking evaporative snow!

Take any christmas party, holiday event, santa photo -or just about any other special event you are planning and make it a true hit with our snow machine rentals.

Holiday Parties and Events!

At Events Unlimited – we are the leading provider of holiday party entertainment in the Portland area. The Portland area’s most impressive inventory of fun activities, a fully committed staff of hard working and dependable event planners, and unyielding efforts to provide top level attractions and entertainment for every event we take part in are just a few reasons why we are proud to be business.

No matter what type of holiday party you are planning – whether it be a small gathering for just a few friends, a corporate holiday party for hundreds of associates, a small business or office gathering, or a private holiday event- we are here to support you!

Hypnotist And Comedy Hypnosis Shows

Stage Hypnosis, Comedy Hypnotist, and Fun Hypnosis shows for special events in Portland and Seattle.

Stage Hypnosis, Comedy Hypnosist

A Professional Hypnotist Portland, Oregon audiences will love! When it comes to comedy hypnosis shows for your next grad party, company holiday party, or other special event in the Pacific Northwest, Events Unlimited has the solution to your needs. We are the area’s leading provider of special event entertainment and rental services in the Portland, OR and Seattle, WA areas.

Our professionally trained Comedy Hypnosis and Stage Hypnosis programs are the ideal solution for any special event you are planning.

Photos with Santa | Portland and Seattle

If you are looking for someone to provide a Santa Claus Program in the Portland or Seattle areas- we are here to help!

At Events Unlimited, we have been providing professional holiday entertainment packages and instant photo solutions for special events all over the Pacific northwest for a long, long time.

We provide photo solutions for a number of different companies, cities, towns, community associations, churches, schools, fundraisers, and all kinds of special events or private parties.  We are familiar with the Santa Unveiling ceremonies which can be used to start off a program and have several options to offer.

Holiday Party Planning for 2010

Santa on the Beach.

If you are planning a Holiday Party this year- then Events Unlimited has some great offerings for you!

We are always proud to have the best items and entertainment available for holiday parties and events!

Here are just a few of the items which are popular for 2010:

Holiday Entertainers: From Santa Claus, to Mrs. Claus, Balloon Twisting Elves, Face Painting Elves, Reindeer Characters, Snow Man Characters, and a whole host of other holiday party entertainment offerings are available from our live acts division.

Fall Events: Top 10 Ideas

Fall Festivals, Back to School Events, Fall Carnivals, Harvest Parties, Halloween and MORE!

As the fall season begins to approach the kids will be going back to school, soon the leaves will be turning colors, and dropping to the ground, and even sooner you will start seeing more and more sweaters, rain coats, and those familiar gray weather days that so many of us wait for here in the Portland area.  PTA parents, School administrators and principals, Churches, cities and towns, parks departments, corporations, shopping centers, and other organizations all begin the preparations for the coming season’s events- whether it be just a one day extravaganza- or a festival spanning several days.

Santa Vacation, Details and Information

Santa Claus continues his vacation!

This is Santa’s longest vacation ever. He has been spotted all over the world in all kinds of exotic locations before he returns to the North Pole to ensure the elves are well prepared for this year’s holiday season. People all over the Portland and Seattle area’s have started placing reservations to have him at company parties, holiday galas, mall photo stations, and more- and all the while Santa is out and about having what some people might consider a little too much of a good time.

Game Rentals – Carnivals, Picnics, & MORE

Game Rentals add a whole new entertainment element to any special event.

There are all kinds of great game rental options available for special events from www.clowns-unlimited.com – we offer hundreds of game and party rental options.  Our company is a full service party planning and events company- so you know when you rent from us that you will be taken care of.

At Events Unlimited we pride ourselves on providing the best rental options around.  Our inventory of gaming options is chock full of all kinds of amazing arcade games, video games, inflatable games, carnival games, jump houses, and much more.  We take pride in having the best selection of event rentals for all kinds of parties and gatherings.

Santa Vacation – BEACH PHOTOS!

Events Unlimited, Exclusive Santa Claus Photos!

Santa Claus, caught on the beach this summer. A Events Unlimited Exclusive Story!

The ever so famous Mr. Claus, AKA: Santa, Santa Claus, Kris Kringle, Jolly old Elf, and many more… Caught on the beach during his summer vacation.  Much like the ever so popular Mel Gibson tapes from Radar Online, we will only be leaking a few of these pictures at a time.  Stay tuned for more developments on the elf and his whereabouts.

For now- Feast your eyes on this:

Top 10 Holiday Party Entertainment Ideas

If you are planning a holiday party and you need some ideas on great entertainment or activities to keep your crowd busy then you will be glad to find Events Unlimited’s top 10 ideas for fun at a holiday party.

Whether you are planning a holiday party, company christmas party, neighborhood gathering, special event for a members club, or any sort of seasonal festivity- we can help.  Our incredible selection of catering options, games, activities, professional event planners, and management services are the perfect addition to any special event you may find yourself planning.

Water Games and Slides

Water Slide Rentals, Games and more “COOL DOWN” must have’s  for Portland and Seattle area parties and events.

It takes a while to heat up here in the Pacific Northwest, but on those weeks and weekends that it does get into the 90’s and 100’s the people in the area are in desperate need of  nice fun cool down and water activities for planned functions, outings, and just something fun for backyard play.  At Events Unlimited we have a great selection of water games and water attractions that are ideal additions to any party, gathering,  or special event you are planning.

Tent Rentals – Top 5 things you must consider!

Tent Rentals are a great solution for creating temporary shelters for all kinds of parties and events. Our experienced tent and event rental providers offer the top 5 things to consider when renting a tent for your upcoming gathering.

1) Size Of Tent

Determining the size of tent you need to rent – Tents come in all different shapes and sizes.

The amount of people you are looking to shelter, the activities you are looking to provide under the tent, and the space you have to work with where you are setting up the tent will all be major factors when deciding what size of tent you need to rent. A party rental company should be able to help you to determine the best size of tent needed for your special event.

Fortune Tellers and Psychics

Fortune Tellers Predict you are going to have a GREAT party as long as you book your entertainment through Events Unlimited!

At Events Unlimited we provide top level entertainment services for special events. Our performers are the best you will find, and they are all backed 100% by us. We are the industry leader in entertainment and entertainers for special events and parties in the Portland and Seattle areas.

Fortune Tellers – Tarot Card Readers – Psychics – Stage Hypnotists – AND MORE.

Carnival Rentals – A How to Guide.

Reserving carnival rentals, including things like dunk tanks, bounce houses, carnival rides, and carnival games can be a challenge.  Here is our guide to reserving rental items for all types of special events.

Planning a carnival can be fun!

Renting the right attractions makes for a great carnival!

Party Tent Rental Guide

Party Tent Rental Guide

Party tents are a great added feature to any gathering or special event you are planning. Besides adding a formal or more “official” feeling to your party, the tent also serves a great protection to protect you and your guests from the elements. There are a number of options of kinds of tent solutions which are available to meet the needs for any expected weather conditions which may otherwise affect your event. We have several different rental solutions which are available for differing weather or seasonal needs. Tent rentals are available in all different sizes to meet the needs of all types of gatherings.

Party Tent Rentals- Determining your needs based on expected weather.

Tents for Rent in Portland and Seattle

Party and event tents for rent in Portland and Seattle.

We rent all kinds of tents, canopies, and temporary structures for events and parties of all shapes and sizes in the Portland and Seattle metropolitan areas.

Regardless if you are looking for a small tent for a back yard party, need a temporary shade structure for just a few people, or are looking to contract enough tents for even the largest of festivals or gatherings we can help.

Our portland tent rentals are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Party Jumpers!

Jumpers, Jumpies, and jump house rentals in Portland and Seattle!

We have everything you need to make your party jump! At Events Unlimited we have a huge resource of party jumps and jump houses in all shapes, sizes, themes, and more. So- no matter what your needs or what type of special event you are planning- we can help.

At Events Unlimited we rent party jumpers to all kinds of special events:

Company Picnics, School Carnivals, Church Carnivals, Birthday Parties, Community Festivals, and MORE

The jumpers are available in a number of themes, types, and sizes. Here are a few of the different ones which we offer:

Bouncy House Inflatables!

Seattle Bounce House Rentals – Portland Bounce House Rentals

Bouncy house inflatables and jumpers in Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon. We rent a huge selection of inflatable bounce houses, inflatable games, jump houses, moonwalks, and more throughout the entire pacific northwest.

Bouncy House Inflatable Rentals

Bouncy House
and inflatable rentals for all kinds of special events and parties in Portland and Seattle are available for rental through our company. We rent a large selection of party bounces and other great party rental options to event and party planners of all types.

Our party and event rental inventory spans over 24,000 Sq ft of warehouses in Portland and Seattle, and we are always growing. For the best service, the best selection, and a successful event- Choose Events Unlimited.

2011 Party Rental, Tents, Inflatables & Games Catalog

Our 2011 Catalog has hit the press- get your sneak peak here!

Download NOW!

2010 Brochure Download

Bouncy House Inflatables

Bouncy House inflatable rentals in Seattle, Everett, and surrounding areas.

We are the Seattle area’s leading provider of interactive games, inflatables, bounce houses, jump houses and all kinds of party rentals.

Our bouncy house inflatables and jump houses are the ideal addition to any special event you are planning- and we rent them for all types of Seattle area event.


Seattle Bounce Houses & Bouncy House Seattle

Seattle area bouncy house rental and jump house rental. We carry the Seattle areas largest selection of inflatable and interactive equipment available for company picnics, school carnivals, birthday parties, and other special events in the Seattle, Tacoma, and Everett Metro areas.

Bounce House & Party Rentals

Bounce House Rentals and Party Rentals – Tips for a successful rental event.

Renting a bounce house, inflatable slide, jump house or other party rental service does not have to be stressful- use this simple guide to make sure you are choosing a bounce house or party rental provider that is professional, reliable, and accountable.

Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington party rental companies come in all shapes and sizes. So one can become overwhelmed when they realize all of the different rental companies out there to choose from. If you are looking to rent a bounce house or other party rental items for your upcoming gathering choosing the right provider ultimately will determine the success of your upcoming event. Rule of thumb number one is to always choose the right company.

Party Games and Fun Rentals

Party Games, Party Rentals, and Fun in Portland and Seattle

We offer all kinds of fun rentals and party solutions for special events in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. Our services are available to all event planners, party planners, and special event planners in the Pacific Northwest.

No matter what type of special event you find yourself planning, you can always count on the party and event planners at Events Unlimited to provide you with the best event solutions, the most entertaining performers, amazing quality party tents and rental equipment, and the largest selection of inflatable games, interactive games, and amazing fun rental options in the Pacific Northwest. Our event planning and event production resources are unlimited, and we are here to help you with all aspects of your special event.

Tents, Tables, Chairs | Party Rentals

Tent Rentals – Table Rentals – Chair Rentals

Planning a large party or gathering? Need some help with tables, chairs, tents, and other Party Rentals?
At Events Unlimited we can help. We have all kinds of party rental solutions available for special events and parties. Our inventory of rental items includes just about anything you may need when planning a special event or party. In addition we have an extended network of party and event rental associates to assist us cover all the bases when planning any type of special event or gathering.

Cook Park in Tigard is a popular company picnic destination.

Tent and Canopy Rentals in Portland, Seattle, and surrounding areas

Party Tent Rental, Canopy Rental – Portland and Seattle

At Events Unlimited we are proud to announce our party and tent rental division offers a whole host of party rental options available for party, carnival, festival, picnic, party, and event planners across the Pacific Northwest. When it comes time for you to start planning your event, you can count on Events Unlimited to be the best choice for all your special event rental needs.

Not sure where to start? Call one of our event planners today!

Tent rental for party or event

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