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Choosing a Bounce House for any Celebration

Trying to organize a party requires one to gather ideas and supplies for food and entertainment. While food may be an easy task to tackle within the planning process, trying to decide what type of activities to offer at your party can be quite the challenging task to defend against.

However, there are a few popular party rental items that can help your party become an immediate hit. One of the most popular party rental items may be the bounce house.

For sale in various sizes with regards to the number of children they can accommodate, they have proved to be just about the most popular attractions form of hosting parties, regardless of the age of the children.

When you consider the rental of your bounce house, besides the rental fee, there are several things to explore before signing any agreement. Besides the reputation of the company from which you’ll rent the bounce house, determine who’s responsible for configuring it at the beginning of the party in addition to taking it down at the conclusion.

Many rental agencies is going to be happy to arrange it as well as return and remove it as a method of ensuring it’s going to work properly and offer little possibility of injury.

They need to also fully inspect the bounce house once it’s up and running to be sure the party-goers can enjoy it. There are few things worse when compared to a bounce house that slowly loses its bounce because the air leaks from it.

The company renting you the bounce house may also provide you with a repair kit in case a leak was discovered, but usually if that happens a simple call will bring an organization representative back to your property for immediate repairs.

One of the main facts to consider may be the cleanliness of the equipment. A professional rental company may have ensured that surface of the bounce house was fully cleaned and sanitized following your previous use to prevent any prospect of spreading illness or disease.

When renting a bounce house, simply ask the organization about its policy and procedure to effectively fix it prior to it being returned to service. If no such policy exists, it’s usually better to find another party rental company that to deal.

Great Wedding Anniversary Party Tips and Ideas

So many people are choosing to plan parties in order to celebrate their particular anniversary these days.

Celebrating a wedding anniversary can be quite a lot of fun and if done right can provide all attendees with a good feeling that they did something great for the honored guests.

While the setting and food are important, entertaining the guests and the couple can be an exciting experience, as well.

If you want to add an element of fun to an anniversary party, think of games that can be enjoyed throughout the get together. For example, an individual game that is often enjoyed at wedding anniversary parties will probably be finding out who knows the couple the most effective.

To set this up, prior to the party write down 10 or maybe more interesting details of the couple, such as children’s names, parents’ names, favorite getaway destinations or perhaps how they met.

At the party, ask the actual questions and also have the guests write down their answers. The one with the most correct answers wins a little prize for knowing the couple the best. This game is a great way for the couple to remember and discuss special recollections and the visitors will enjoy trying to win.

As well as playing games, it’s really a very practical idea to have musical enjoyment at an wedding anniversary party. When you’ve got a large venue, think about employing a live group or a Disk jockey to assist you with this challenge.

If you have music playing, it is possible to guess somebody will want to dance. Thus, also be sure there can be a party area or perhaps dance area of some sort available.

The food you determine to assist at an anniversary party may differ greatly, depending upon the design of the get together. If you want a no-stress party, take into account doing a catered smorgasbord style foods option.

If it’s an even more private affair with very few friends, perhaps you’ll want to do a sit-down dinner. Of course, should you be considering an extremely informal event, you could always perform potluck. This would require guests to bring a dish, but a majority of people are happy to do this if they are asked.

Celebrating your is a very special move to make, whether you have been married for just a few years or just a few many years. Nevertheless, planning the party doesn’t have to be extremely difficult.

Tips for Planning an Amazing Halloween Party for Kids

The majority of us have probably been to a Halloween party at which older children dress up as spooky characters and spend lots of time trying to scare all others, particularly if there are younger children also present.

However, just how much fun can it be for the younger kids to be heckled and scared by gross appearing monsters they don’t understand? It might be fun for your older ones, but to possess a great Hallow’s eve for kids of every age group, you have to plan for all age groups.

If you are planning a party for kids, you will want to recall the age of the kids which will be attending and plan accordingly. There is no rule which says all Halloween parties have to be filled with ghosts and goblins and you may want age-appropriate decor and activities. For your youngest guests you can use their favs cartoon characters as a theme for your party, having guests dress up in their favorite ones.

Using a theme for your Halloween party will allow everyone to feel much more comfortable and reduce the chance of having the youngest ones spending their time screaming out of fear of things they don’t understand. You may also use decorations that match the theme of the party, to assist create a friendlier environment for kids of all ages.

Games or any other entertainment also needs to be age-appropriate and choosing ones which involve the kids will make their time more fun. The number of kids at the party might be too much for one person to deal with and it can be beneficial to have another parent or two help. This can also benefit the child whose parent can there be feel more comfortable.

Keeping them involved holds their interest and enable them to have better time through the/through the entire party. One thing to remember with small children is that they get bored quickly. By continuing to keep the party games moving quickly rather than having way too many gaps in their entertainment will ensure every single guests has a fun time.

For additional fun, think about providing Halloween food, which can easily range between a simple “brain” jello mold dish to graveyard cake created from crushed oreos and gummy worms. Kids of spanning various ages will love the concept of eating themed food and definitely will remember your party a lot more if you provide interesting treats so they can enjoy.

Simple And Fun Kids Theme Celebration Ideas

Planning a party can be both fun and frustrating as you struggle to choose the best theme for the party that is certainly also age appropriate for the birthday girl or boy.

While using a theme may not be necessary, it can make the party more fun and memorable. Nonetheless, different ages will find different themes are more effective for various age groups of kids.

For example, a first birthday celebration can be entertaining for youngsters if the theme is based on something they know. A few of the top themes for one year old children are ones based on nursery rhymes or favorite toys.

A farm themed cake with favors given out in small buckets like the ones utilized for milking cows on the farm are popular if your small child loves farm creatures, or a celebration with a Sesame Street theme may very well be appropriate if the kid loves Elmo.

If you have a preschooler, you may want to pick a basic theme that moves completely around their favorite color. For example, if the party’s concept is blue, utilize blue cups, blue plates, blue hats, blue streamers and everything else in different shades of blue. This can really help your child love their bash, without making things too complex.

For a party for girls between ages five and seven, make sure you try a cheerleading party. Most girls this age begin to be interested in cheerleading and you’ll be able to start with invitations that appear to be, or are made from, mini megaphones. You can have cheering activities for the party guests to engage in, as well as a station where they learn new cheers.

The most challenging group to please when deciding on a theme is the tween age group. However, all of them seem to be into makeup and you could have a makeover party concept for kids in this age range.

Take before and after photos as a memory of the party and to remind them of all of the fun they had playing with makeup. For boys, a good number of parties which involve sports or gaming systems will be a success. In most cases, tweens simply just want to hang out together.

A lot of time your older kids won’t really be into a themed party, however if you try you could be able to get them eager. To get older kids interested in the party, consider having a video scavenger hunting themed party.

Get several adults to assist you by driving a few teams of children around to find items in your town. Have the kids document their discovering with their camera or picture phones.

Decorating Your Home for a Kid’s Birthday Celebration

Planning a party for your youngster can be a complicated task, if you aren’t fully prepared. A large part of the preparation will be gathering decorations you intend to use for the celebration.

In general, there are two initial facts to consider when planning a kid’s party. To begin, choose your theme and then pick your location. Outdoor and indoor parties will offer their very own challenges, but by picking out a theme for the party decor, making your decision about either one will be a lot less difficult.

Once you have made the decision on a theme depending on the interests of your youngster, you can go to retailers or party stores to discover what decorations are offered.

Or, you can opt to visit a local party rental store and find different ideas for decorating for the celebration. A good number of centers have advisers on staff that will help you decide on decorations, and various other things you might possibly not have thought about.

Numerous parents will arrange for an outdoor party and prepare room decorations for that purpose, without thinking about the possibility that rough weather may force them to move their party indoors. Party planning consultants may help you find decorations for outdoor use that can also be used indoors if the need arises.

Posters, welcome signs, plates, cups and party wear should match the theme of the bash and you can even think about having the guest of honor of the occasion dressed as a character from whichever theme you decide on.

Kid’s parties nowadays are often not complete without balloons and streamers, though they can be utilized to supplement the other decorations. For those who have a tough budget, let a planner help you determine what your exact budget is and enable them to help present you with outstanding decorating ideas to fit that budget.

Unlike many tv programs, you really don’t have to go overboard with an outrageous budget to make your son or daughter happy at a party. While superstars have been able to spend thousands of dollars on a party for their kids, it’s not at all required.

By maintaining a party theme with room decorations to fit the event, most youngsters and their guests will have fun at the party. Keep in mind, if you supply your kid with a few balloons, cake, friends and fun activities to take part in, chances are they’ll will think it’s the very best birthday celebration ever!

How to Throw the Best Party Ever IV

How to throw the best party ever continued.

You want to plan an epic party. You want to show all of your family and friends a good time but money and time is tight. Here are some guidelines to stick to when planning an event within budget.

How to Throw a Party

How to Throw the Best Party Ever

Creating a Food and Drink Menu

When planning a party you want to make sure to include a food and drinks. Creating a food and/or drink menu can be tricky. Depending on the size of your party the cost of refreshments can seriously rack up. Having food and drinks at a party comes standard so most likely your guest will be expecting it. However there are a few different ways to approach this with out over spending.

  • Have each of your guests bring a dish. They will feel honored that you included them and the more people you invite the more food you get. Most likely you will get way more food then you need. If you do decide to go this route then make sure to give each guest an assigned dish or a few options to choose from. You wont want to end up with 18 macaroni casserole and 2 bottles of wine. Make sure to assign entrees, a salad or two, dessert, and some type of beverage. They main course is up to the host, so don’t go and try to pawn it off on anyone else.
  • Another way to control cost is to keep it simple. You could stick with just appetizers and drinks, or just refreshments. This gives your guests something to nibble on all night. Such refreshments include chips & dip, sodas, beer, veggies, cheeses, fruit, and so on. These sorts of refreshments keep your guests from going hungry all night.
  • You could also order several pizzas and have them delivered. You can never go wrong with a pizza party.
  • Concession machine rentals are a great way to offer fun foods at a reasonable price – and amazingly concessions can go over with any crowd, any where.  Here at clowns-unlimited.com- we offer a huge assortment of concessions.  Popcorn machines are great for a savory snack, we also offer nacho cheese dispensers and all the fixins, snokones, hawaiian shave ice, hot dog machines, island oasis smoothies, and much more!  The best thing is that if you order one thing from us, you can just keep adding to the truck (since it is coming any ways!)  We have everything you need, from tents tables and chairs for extra seating- to professional entertainers and live entertainment acts, to amusement devices- like bounce house rentals, inflatable slides, inflatable obstacle courses, dunk tanks, carnival games, and so much more.

If you want to keep the cost of your party lower don’t serve lunch or dinner.  Plan for your party to begin after meals so that you wont have to provide food for all of your guests.

If you are having a themed party you might want to have your menu reflect your theme. Western themed parties for example should include mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, chicken, and so on.

Not only do you want to make sure to have several different options for food but also 3 or more different choices for drinks. Some people hate dark sodas, and some don’t drink soda at all. Coffee is always a good addition no matter the time of the event.


Should You Include Booze?

Including liquir can have its pros and cons. Liquir can get your guests a little lose and get the party really started, but if unmonitored it can get out of hand. Sticking to beer and/or wine is a great way to control this, especially beer because wine trends to make a mess and stain nice table clothes or carpets. Depending on the type of party you are throwing hard liquir can be appropriate, but it is recommended to either have a bartender or a person monitoring it.


How to Throw the Best Party Ever Part VI

 How to throw the best party ever continued.

Its time to start planning your perfect event. You want to show all of your family and friends a good time but money and time is tight. Here are some guidelines to stick to when planning an event within budget.

How to Throw a Party

How to Throw the Best Party Ever Part VI


The dress code

Dress codes are a good idea to think about before you have your party. You wouldn’t want someone showing up with no shirt or shoes while someone else shows up in a nice suite. You can let your guests know on the invitations if its cocktail attiar, business casual, informal, or whatnot. This will also help your guests pick out what to wear for your event and let them know what to wear.

If you have a theme make sure all of your guest are aware of the theme and what the costume should involve. An easy way to go about this would be to include a picture on your invitation. If you are having a western themed event add in a picture of a cowboy and cowgirl and make sure to specify that your event is wild west themed.

If you have already sent out the invitations you can still let your guests know about the dress code.  Call, text, facebook message, or email them a reminded of the time, date, and place your event will be. This reminder gives you’re the perfect opportunity to inform them of the dress code as well.

Let your guests know who else is coming to your party. It will give them an idea of what to expect and possible how to dress. You don’t need to go out of your way to do this, but if someone asks it is polite to let them know.

They best piece of advice is to make sure your guests are comfortable. Even if you have picked a tricky theme letting them know enough time in advice should give them time to mentally prepare themselves. You want your guests comfortable.


Party Favors

Though not required guests always love party favors. You really want to impress your guest and send them home talking about your party then include party favors. There are tons of different options when it comes to party favors.

You can keep your party favors related to your theme. Recently photo booths and instant photos have become a huge hit at parties. They give you guests the ultimate take home souvenir to remember your event by.


Oregon Inflatables

Oregon Inflatables – Inflatable game rental company in oregon

The Events Unlimited Portland office has received all kinds of last minute calls from organizations and customers of what seems to be a company offering inflatable rentals to Oregon State.  Apparently they have been unable to fulfill the events which they have reserved due to not having the equipment which they booked out.

Oregon Inflatables

Inflatable Rentals in Oregon

At Events Unlimited we did our best to help these events.  We have been here for all kinds of last minute events when other vendors let people down.  As long as we have availability we will do our best to help you.   Our history of 30+ years in business not only shows longevity, but also dependability.  We will be there when we say we will… which is actually uncommon in todays world.

We are very saddened to hear that there is yet another company out there in Oregon tarnishing the name of the inflatable industry and offering sub par equipment rentals.  This is why we support the State of Oregon in its efforts to legislate rules and laws which will protect Oregon residents from unscrupulous amusement providers.

If a company doesn’t even make the effort to show up to events they booked… well that doesn’t make any of us look good.


How to Throw the Best Party Ever Part III

How to throw the best party ever continued.

Its time to start planning your perfect event. You want to show all of your family and friends a good time but money and time is tight. Here are some guidelines to stick to when planning an event within budget.


Set the Date!

Once you’ve decided on where you want to have your party set the date and time! Once this is done now you get to start having fun planning the party!


Make Invitations

You’ve decided on the guest list, picked a venue, and set the date and time. Now its time to let them know you are throwing a fabulous party.  Guest’s love getting special invites.  If you take the time to let someone know that you specifically want them at your party, it is both polite, and extremely flattering.

Sending Out Invitations to your Party!

But get creative! You don’t have to send out invitations through the mail.  All though it is a classic way of inviting your friends it also takes up a lot of time and money…  And if you have the budget, then it may be worth considering doing custom invitations.  Custom invitations can cost quite a lot of money as well.   Even if you were to create the invitations yourself on your computer or by hand, it takes a massive amount of time not only finding addresses, but addressing the invitations…

Party Invitations Via Facebook- Save you money!

Send out an event invitation through Facebook. You can make the event private or public and invite as many guests as you like for free. Its simple and time saving. If you want to make it more personal to you then add or create a custom image at the top of your Facebook party page.

If you are one of the few who don’t have a Facebook account- you can still send out texts to everyone that you want to invite. Tell them the date, time, location, and what the event is.  If you go this route you will most likely have to confirm with your guests later that they are in fact coming. Sending out another text message a few days before reminding them that your party is just around the corner.

Not text savy? Just give your guests a phone call. Its more personal and inviting then an text anyways.

Have questions about planning your event?

Call Events Unlimited at (503) 381-4462

How to Throw the Best Party Ever Part I

How to Throw the Best Party Ever

You’ve seen those super sweet sixteen birthday parties on MTV. Where the kids have endless amounts of money to throw the birthday party of a lifetime. However, realistically those parties are only accessible to the 1 percent of Americans who can afford them. There is no reason to feel bad that you can’t afford to have such a glamorous party, most people can’t. But just because you don’t have a huge bank account doesn’t mean that you still can’t have an epic birthday party. There are tons of options available when it comes to creating stellar party.

How to Plan the Best Party Ever

How to Plan the Best Party Ever


Set a Budget

Setting a budget and creating a guest list should go hand in hand. Your guest list has the ability to dictate how much you will be spending. Setting a budget will make decisions easier down the road of what you can, should, or shouldn’t spend your money on.  So decide how much you want to spend and stick to it!


Create a Guest List

This is free. Be as selective as you want! You will need to set a guest list first in order to make other decisions down the road. However, the larger the guest list you have the more expensive the party will become. This is mainly because you will have to cater to more people. Smaller parties are more interpersonal and low maintenance. However, large parties can be much more fun. It depends on which direction you would like to take, invited some close friends or all of your friends on facebook!

Think about if your guests will be sitting or standing, how much space you will need. Remember to consider if you need to rent a stage, tents, dance floor, or dining tables.  Depending on what type of attractions you want to have you will need to think about the space layout, but be flexible because you haven’t picked your venue yet!

But don’t send out invitations quite yet. There are a few other decisions you need to make first.

Continued… Part II

Have questions about planning an event?

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How to Throw the Best Party Ever Part II

How to Throw the Best Party Ever Continued

You want to throw the best party ever, something like the ones you’ve seen on TV, but just because you don’t have a huge bank account like the kids on super sweet 16 doesn’t mean that you still can’t have an epic birthday party. There are tons of options available when it comes to creating stellar party.

How to Throw the Best Birthday Party Ever
How to Throw the Best Birthday Party Ever

Pick a Venue

Typically venues are the biggest expense of any event. Most venues require a deposit to reserve and book quickly, so you will need to do a venue search with enough time in advance. However, there are tons of money saving ways to go about picking the perfect venue for your party.

Since you have already established your guest list and budget, your list of venues has been narrowed down. Making it easier to find the right place.  The venue will need to accommodate all of your guests, so make sure to ask what their max capacity is.  Venues like Inflatable kingdom offer tons of space for very reasonable rates.

Local parks and gardens make great venues for parties. If you have a friend with a stellar house or backyard you could save tons of money by asking them if you cold throw your party at their place. Making arrangements to setup and clean up if they agree to lend you their spot for it.

Bars or restaurants are also great places to throw a party if you are looking to keep your party smaller. Most of the time there is no down payment needed or cost. All you need to do is make a reservation and tell them how many people are coming.

Continued on How to Throw the Best Party Ever Part III

Have questions about planning your party?

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Summer Kick-Off Party Ideas

Summer Kick off Party Ideas.

summer party ideas portland

With summer just around the corner, it is time to start planning your Summer Kick-Off Event! Strapped for ideas? Events Unlimited is here to help.

First and foremost when planning any event you want to make sure you are working with a safe and reliable company. Events Unlimited is the leading party rental company serving the greater Seattle and Portland areas. Customer friendly, we are the best and here to serve you. Making all of your event desires into reality. You name it and we’ll provide!

With the weather getting warmer and clouds and rain starting to disappear, now is a great time to host an outdoor event.

Great Summer Kick-Off Attractions:

  • Bounce Houses
  • Inflatable Slides
  • Inflatable obstacle courses
  • Rock Climbing Walls
  • Mechanical Bulls
  • Inflatable Velcro Walls
  • Cash Cubes
  • Video Gamer Trailer
  • Laser Tag
  • Inflatable Sumo Wrestling
  • Dunk Tanks
  • Hi Stiker
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Ferris Wheel
  • Swing Ride
  • Rope-A-Phobia
  • Monkey Motion
  • This List Goes On!

Great Concession Rentals:

  • Cotton Candy machine
  • Hot Dog Rollers
  • Nacho Machine
  • Sno Cone Machine
  • Popcorn Machine
  • Margarita Machine
  • Ice Cream Carts
  • Candy Stations
  • And Much More!

Don’t forget about tent rentals. With the sun peaking it’s head out you need to make sure to provide a safe shelter for shade. Events Unlimited has  multitude of tents, tables, and chairs for rent! When the weather gets hotter you might want to consider also renting a misting tent for your event.

Live acts such as DJs, bands, clowns, face painters, and caricature artist help set the mood for your event and creating the perfect ambiance.

Serving Areas in Oregon:

* Albany * Ashland * Astoria * Beaverton * Bend * Boring * Canby * Cannon Beach *
* Coos Bay * Corvallis *  Creswell * Dallas * Eugene * Florence * Gearhart *
* Gleneden Beach * Grant County * Gresham * Happy Valley * Hillsboro *
* Hood River & the Columbia River Gorge * Jacksonville * Keizer * Lake Oswego *
* Lebanon * Lincoln City * McMinnville * Medford * Milwaukie * Mt Hood * Neotsu *
* Newberg * North Bend * Oregon City * Pacific City * Pendleton * Portland *
* Redmond * Salem * Seaside * Shady Cove * Silverton * Sisters * Tigard *
* Tillamook * Troutdale * Waldport * Warrenton * Yachats *

Serving Areas in Washington:

* Amboy * Anacortes * Bellingham * Blaine * Bow * Columbia River Gorge *
* Chehalis & Centralia * Deming * Everson * Ferndale * Glacier * Ilwaco *
* Kenmore * Lynden * Moclips * Olympia * Packwood * Seabeck * Seattle *
* Seaview * Spokane * Seattle * Yakima *

Give us a call at (503) 381-4462

Fathers Day Party Ideas

Fathers Day is just around the corner and you want to show your dad, husband, or grandfather that you really care. You will need some time in advance to plan the perfect party and Events Unlimited is here to help. Depending on what you dad is into, there are tons of ways to plan a party that will fit your dad perfectly.

Pick a theme

Pick a theme that is special to your dad, a particular hobby or interest of his. Is your dad a golf fanatic? Does he love sports? Does he love plain and simple barbeque’s? Picking a theme is a great way to get the party started. It involves guest participation and lets people get creative. Dad will love the personal touch of a theme. It shows you really care and that you know what he likes. If nothing stands out in your mind, here are a few theme ideas that might help.

  • Golf
  • All Star Athlete
  • Western
  • Hawaiian
  • Fiesta
  • BBQ
  • Hollywood
  • Casino
  • Around the World
  • Summer Olympics
  • CSI Theme
  • Tailgating
  • Summer Pool Party
  • Retro
  • Mardi Gras
  • The list is endless!



Don’t forget about fun and games! There are great party rentals that are perfect for your fathers day party. You can stick with having a DJ or have a live band!  Rent party games that cater to your dad’s particular interest. Speak with your party planner about the options for entertainment. The options for party rentals are truly endless.

Serving Areas in Oregon:

* Albany * Ashland * Astoria * Beaverton * Bend * Boring * Canby * Cannon Beach *
* Coos Bay * Corvallis *  Creswell * Dallas * Eugene * Florence * Gearhart *
* Gleneden Beach * Grant County * Gresham * Happy Valley * Hillsboro *
* Hood River & the Columbia River Gorge * Jacksonville * Keizer * Lake Oswego *
* Lebanon * Lincoln City * McMinnville * Medford * Milwaukie * Mt Hood * Neotsu *
* Newberg * North Bend * Oregon City * Pacific City * Pendleton * Portland *
* Redmond * Salem * Seaside * Shady Cove * Silverton * Sisters * Tigard *
* Tillamook * Troutdale * Waldport * Warrenton * Yachats *

Serving Areas in Washington:

* Amboy * Anacortes * Bellingham * Blaine * Bow * Columbia River Gorge *
* Chehalis & Centralia * Deming * Everson * Ferndale * Glacier * Ilwaco *
* Kenmore * Lynden * Moclips * Olympia * Packwood * Seabeck * Seattle *
* Seaview * Spokane * Seattle * Yakima *

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New and Fun Party Ideas

New and Fun Party Ideas:

So you are planning an event. Whether its a birthday party, company event, promotional event, school carnival, or whatever, you want to do something different. Go above and beyond last year and give your guest something they’ve never seen or experienced before.


To Pick a Theme or To Not to Pick a Theme

Themes have always been a great way to gain guest involvement at your event. However in recent years they have evolved from a fad into a standard. Turning themed parties into that of a cliche.  Everyone likes an excuse to dress up, so if you do choose to go the route of a themed party pick something out of the ordinary.  Stay away from Hollywood, 80’s, 50’s, 40’s, wild west, murder mystery, and so on themes. And go for more unique or personal themes. David Bowie, 90’s, champagne and caviar, and fiesta themes are fresh and new. Or if you are the one throwing the party make the theme personal to you.


Add Additional Entertainment

Add other elements to the party besides a DJ and dance floor. Photo booths have become exceedingly popular at parties recently. Giving your guests an awesome souvenir to take home. Companies such as GoPhotoEvents.com have customizable photobooths, making free custom logos to put at the top of your photos. Greenscreen photos are also a great option as well.

Bounce houses are fun for all ages. Although classically thought of for kid’s birthday parties, bounce house are enjoyably for all ages. They help loosen up your guest. You will be surprised how many adult will try and squeeze into one bounce house.

Casino Tables are also a hit at parties. Choose between black jack, roulette, Texas hold’em, poker, or get them all. Some guest just wont want to leave.


Get some Live acts

Psychics and hypnotist entertainers are always a surefire hit. But ever thought about renting a body painter?  Transforming the classic kids face painting ideal into a more adult version, creating a more intimate party.

DJ’s are always great to rent for parties, but why not rent a DJ for half the time and a live band for the other half. Switching up the vibe or the party.  After your guests have let their hair down with the top 40 hits on the dance floor switch out the act for a live band.  Giving your guest a more mellow and personal vibe later in the night.

Get a Emcee or Host to run the event and let you enjoy the end product of all the hard work you put into making it.


Add Some Effects

Lighting is a great way to create the ambiance and mood of your event.  Lighting really gives any event that extra element needed to take a party from great to epic. Programed lighting effects is the newest rage at concerts. Go the extra mile and do it at your event! Program lighting to coincide with your music and create a light show. You will have you guest hypnotized and create an unforgettable event.

Want some more ideas or creating the most unforgettable event possible?

Call Events Unlimited at (503) 381-4462

Company Picnic Ideas! Make this years picnic a success!

Top 10 Ideas for your Company Picnic!

Looking for a fun idea, interesting game, exciting entertainment, great catering options, or even a new venue for the 2011 company picnic? There are all kinds of activities, entertainment, delicious foods and incredible event location options available for the picnic planner.

When it comes to a company picnic, we can offer fresh ideas- interesting entertainment, games, fun foods, concessions, BBQ, and any number of food services. Our professional event planners work year round producing company picnics and other employee appreciation events.

We are the best source for all your company picnic planning and management needs. Our party rental inventory is one of the largest on the west coast and includes a massive selection of items which are needed for special events of all shapes and sizes. Beyond the standard tables, chairs, staging, dance floors and other party rental items- our interactive games, extreme sports, carnival attractions, and other amusement rentals inventory is what sets us apart. We also have a full selection of professional entertainers, ranging from clowns to face painters, comedy hypnosis, jugglers, magicians, airbrush artists, caricature artists, and much, much, more.

If you are after some great ideas for company picnic events- and are looking to make this years event a big success, we have assembled this list of the top 10 ideas for your company picnic.

1. Pick a new theme. If your picnic is going to be the same event year after year, you need to spice it up. The best way to change things up is to pick a new theme- a new theme can open up all kinds of possibilities with relation to games, food, décor, activities, entertainment and more.

2. Increase the budget. Many organizations strive to keep the company picnic costs the same from year to year, and for some of our customers this means they are spending the same amount today as they were 5 years ago- or even longer. If the budget does not grow, then the result can be a stale event, with no real improvements and staggering attendance.

3. Pick a new venue. Sometimes just simply changing up the event location can offer new life into an event. Finding a cheaper event location can offer you the opportunity to increase the budget in other areas, which offers you the ability to spend the same, but get more for your buck… Some great venues can be found in our company picnic venues top 10 list.

4. Offer new food items. While the standard picnic foods of hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad and the like are popular traditions- taking a little effort to offer a greater selection of food choices will certainly set apart your company picnic from last year.

5. Plan it in advance. Reserve your date early. If you are one of those habitual late planners – actually taking the time to plan the event in advance, make your reservations, and truly think through what you want to do to make the picnic great will make a huge impact on the results! Taking your time to think about things always produces a better outcome.

6. Offer Prizes and Give-Aways. If you do not already do this, then it is time to consider it. The prizes can range in size from a simple ipod, to Starbuck’s cards, up to a trip to Hawaii, a television, or anything you can think up. If you do offer prizes, changing up the offerings can add a new level of excitement. Also, offering several prize give away opportunities throughout the event is a great way to ensure attendance for the entire duration.

7. Keepsake Gifts and Memorabilia. When someone gets to take a little something home from an event, the event stays in their memory longer. This is a fact. Whether they take home a small arts and crafts program, a company branded towel, a t-shirt, or even one of our fun photo keepsakes- it will be well received. In addition, some keepsake offerings can be used as a fun activity for your guest to do at the event.

8. Change Up the Activities. If you get a bounce house every year- maybe it is time to try something new. Or if you are worried about upsetting people, get the bounce house and something new. Many companies have must have activities for at their events because time and experience has proven those activities are the best received- but even if this is the case- adding something new to the program is never a bad thing to do.

9. New Variety Acts and Entertainers – The same goes with live acts and entertainers. We offer a full range of clowns, balloonists, face painters, and more- all of whom can be customized for a specific theme. In addition our professional hypnotists are great for company picnics and special events. Magicians, jugglers, stilt walkers, reptile programs, and more are available through our live acts and entertainment division. Our professional comedy hypnotists are also a great addition for any special event!

10. Make sure to have music – We go to so many picnics and special events that can be beefed up and made so much better by the simple addition of music. We offer sound system rentals, with a simple ipod hookup- so your playlist can just go, we also offer full digital music systems loaded with thousands of songs, DJ’s and Emcees, and even live bands. We can obtain headlining acts and popular musicians if needed- in essence the sky is the limit.

When it comes to your company picnic, we have a huge resource of event and party rentals and event entertainment solutions available to meet your needs. Our professional planners are here to meet your needs with everything from event venues, to catering, games, tents, tables, chairs, professional entertainers, transportation planning, and much, much, more…

Tent & Event Rentals for any Occasion

At Events Unlimited we provide tent rentals and event rentals for all kinds of special events. No matter what the occasion, we are here to support your event rental needs. Our inventory and special events network boasts the Pacific Northwest’s single largest source of event rentals and entertainment solutions.

Tents- Things to think about when renting a tent:

What size of a tent or tents will you need?
Whether you are looking for one large tent, or several tents we have the solution.

If you are unsure of your tent rental needs- the first thing to determine is the amount of people you are looking to shelter. Also consider the activities you are looking to provide under the tent as this will be a huge consideration. Once you have this information- we are able to help determine the best size to fit your needs. Another thing to consider is area available to place the tent… You don’t want to rent a tent which is too big to fit in your space!

Do you need a tent, or a canopy?

A canopy is basically a tent with no side walls or an unenclosed structure. A tent is a fully enclosed structure. In order to turn a canopy into a tent we install what are called side walls. Side walls will protect you and your guests from the elements. In addition, they can create a more private or intimate atmosphere. We offer side walls with windows to let light in, or can come in all white to block out the sun and peoples views.

Additional options are available to ensure guests comfort for both tents and canopies. One thing which is imperative to consider when renting a tent or canopy which will be in use at night is lighting. Other options, such as temporary flooring, heaters, and even air conditioners are available.

Event Space Access – Set Up Needs

In most cases a tent rental provider will need drive up access to the set up area. At minimum, rental providers need the ability to move large amounts of tent poles, canopy tops, sidewalls, and more items to where the tent is being set up.’

Grass or Cement? The surface can be a determining factor.

Basically what the tent rental provider needs to know is can they drive stakes into the earth or not. This is due to the need to secure the tent in the case of wind. In some cases when staking is not an option, water barrels or tent weights can be used. Determining the set up surface can result in an increase in the needs for your event, which can result in additional costs to ensure that your event is a safe experience.

Party Rentals- What else do you need?

When it comes to someone renting a tent, it is very uncommon that all they need is a tent rental… In most cases those placing orders for a tent are in need of seating, which we can help with tables, chairs, and even the linens if needed. In addition we can assist with sound systems, microphones, digital jukeboxes, and even the emcee if needed! Our inventory also has stages, which can help if you are in need of a focused area or elevated platform. In addition- we have the largest selection of games, entertainment and other fun options in the Western United States, so with everything from sumo suits, to bounce house rentals, inflatables, arcade games, table games, casino rentals- and so…so… much more!

Let us help you plan your next event. We will do our best to make it a success.

Easter Bunny!

When it comes to planning an Easter extravaganza or other special event around easter weekend Events Unlimited can help!

We offer a whole selection of entertainment and event support items.  Whether you are looking for tents, tables, chairs – games, entertainment, or the Easter Bunny himself- we have the solution.

  • Easter Bunny Characters
  • Instant Print Photo Stations
  • Mini Golf Courses
  • Inflatable Games/Carnival Games
  • Game Leaders
  • Easter arts and crafts stations
  • Balloon Artists, Face Painters, and much more!
  • Tents, Tables, Chairs and party rental options

No matter what your needs are for your Easter event- Events Unlimited has the solution.  We have live entertainers, party rental items, interactive games and activities for Easter events of all shapes and sizes.

If you are looking for a specific solution to your upcoming event and need our help- do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience!

We have been providing Easter Bunny entertainment for many years at all kinds of events across the Pacific Northwest.  We would be honored to be a part of your next special event.

An Easter Egg hunt is something we can plan, staff, coordinate and manage.  We can provide all the rental options you need and be your one source for any upcoming Easter events!  If you are planning an Easter event- we are here to help.

Fun Photo Options for Special Events

At Events Unlimited, we are the regions leader in interactive event entertainment.  We offer a whole host of live entertainers, games, activities, and party rental options for special events of all shapes and sizes.  Lately the many special event planners have been seeking out popular photo keepsake entertainment- and we have responded with a whole selection of fun photo options.


Old Time Photos – These hilarious photo entertainment programs are the perfect addition to any special event.  We bring in fun props, costume pieces, and more.  We print the photos out on site within minutes so your guests have something to show off and take home!

Our old time Photo options can be just a small part of your western themes special event.  We also offer all kinds of other western entertainment options- from mechanical bulls, to western decor, to wild west shooting galleries, western themed games and a whole lot more.

Photo Booth Rentals – We offer Photo Booth rentals for all types of special events and gatherings.  Our portable photo booths are the perfect addition for mobile events.  They go easily in and out of doors, and can be moved from location to location without impacting the units operational integrity.  The photo booths print out a number of fun different options- from single photos, to fun foto cubes, to the classic photo strips with 4 pictures that photo booths are most commonly known for!

Green Screen Photos – Green screen photos are perfect for all types of special event photo keepsake situations.  We can take a subject (your guest, or guests) and put them in front of absolutely and background.  Imagine the possibilities…

No matter what your theme- we can find a green screen background that works for your event.  Green Screen lends us the ability to provide a selection of great choices for guests that can be easily interchanged on the spot.  Like all our photo options- green screen photos offers on-site, immediate printing, as well as a whole myriad of custom options.

Photo Flip Books – Photo Flip books are fast becoming all the rage for special events of all shapes and sizes.  They are popular at weddings, office parties, grad parties, picnics, and a whole host of other special events.  Basically we take 7 seconds of video – and then we create a small business card sized flip book right there in front of your guests in about 2 minutes.

Instant Print Photos- Our classic instant print photo stations are great for people who already have a photo backdrop.  They are also what we use for character photos such as Photos with Santa, or  Photos with the Easter Bunny.

Photo Key Chains- We can take your photo, print it on site, and make a photo key chain right there in front of your eyes.  This is a popular addition for promotional events, grad parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, and all kinds of other special events!

Snow Machine Rentals

Our snow machine rentals are the perfect addition for any winter wonderland event!  These snow makers creat realistic looking snow fall effects!

These commercial quality snow machines offer full on real quality appearing snow – they can shoot out up to 30ft and cover up to 15ft of width with realistic looking evaporative snow!

Take any christmas party, holiday event, santa photo -or just about any other special event you are planning and make it a true hit with our snow machine rentals.

We have rental options available for all kinds of holiday parties and events – and also offer some of the best holiday entertainment packages in the Portland area!

Holiday Parties and Events!

At Events Unlimited – we are the leading provider of holiday party entertainment in the Portland area. The Portland area’s most impressive inventory of fun activities, a fully committed staff of hard working and dependable event planners, and unyielding efforts to provide top level attractions and entertainment for every event we take part in are just a few reasons why we are proud to be business.

No matter what type of holiday party you are planning – whether it be a small gathering for just a few friends, a corporate holiday party for hundreds of associates, a small business or office gathering, or a private holiday event- we are here to support you!

Here are the top 10 entertainment ideas we see during the winter season:

1) Christmas Entertainers – Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, Elf Face Painters, Reindeer Characters snow men, balloon twisters, and so much more.  We provide entertainment acts throughout the Portland area and beyond  With full Santa Photo options- and a huge resource of decor and entertainment options we can solve any of your needs!

Our live acts department is busy during the holiday season with all kinds of great special events and celebrations.  Our entertainers are featured at various malls, shopping centers, restaurants, breakfast with Santa events, and so much more all over the area.

2) Snow Machines! – Our snow machine rentals are the perfect addition to any winter wonderland event.  These commercial quality evaporative snow machine rentals create the look of real snow falling indoors or out!  They shoot realistic looking snowflakes 25 to 35 feet out and eight to fifteen feet across (wide).

3) Fun Photo Keepsakes – All of our photo activities become very popular during the winter months as they are a great way to capture memories and give party guests a keepsake to remember the special event by.  Our photo booth rental options are great, as well as our Green Screen Photos, Instant Photo solutions, and Photo Flipbook programs!  We feature all kinds of great photo activities and can serve crowds of any size or shape.

4) Trackless Holiday Trains. – Our holiday trains are hugely popular and have been features  at all kinds of pacific northwest shopping centers, church events, special gatherings, and all kinds of other holiday events.  There is nothing like a “Polar Express” train ride to get people in the holiday spirit.

5) Game Tables, Arcades, and Xtreme Video Games – With hundreds of table games and activities available, our ability to pull off any sort of game room style event is incomparable.  From Pool tournaments to ping pong competitions, pinball activities and so much more.  Let us create the arcade atmosphere you need for your special event!  We have Wii’s, Xbox Connects, and full on fun activities for all kinds of special events.

6) Game Show Productions – When it comes to figuring out one fun activity for a large group the game show is always a hit.  People of all ages love game shows and everyone loves to be in one.  The best thing about our gameshow productions is that they can be customized to include questions about your guests, your group, company, or a specific person at the party.  We can also create gameshows with popular christmas questions and answers.

7) Holiday Arts and Crafts Activities. – This category is limitless.  At Events Unlimited we support countless arts and craft programs for large scale events across the Portland area.  During the holiday season we provide Gingerbread House making stations, cookie decorating activities, and a myriad of other great fun arts and craft options for event planners.

8) DJ’s, Emcees, Digital Juke Boxes, and Karaoke Parties –  Our professional DJ’s come packed with more than 10,000 radio ready songs. They are fun group leaders and can emcee any special event you are planning.  In addition, Karaoke is always popular.  And at Clowns Unlimited we have a great selection of karaoke favorites which will entice every one to sing a round!

9) Concession Machines – We make colored popcorns, cotton candies, and snowball snow kones all winter long.  We also provide a great amount of other fun food options for any party or event you find yourself planning this holiday season.

10) Casino Parties – Countless party planners rely on casino entertainment for their holiday parties, and that is because the casino party is a huge success.  Every one loves a vegas night, and at Clowns Unlimited we help to deliver some of the regions best casino parties.

Hypnotist And Comedy Hypnosis Shows

Stage Hypnosis, Comedy Hypnotist, and Fun Hypnosis shows for special events in Portland and Seattle.

Stage Hypnosis, Comedy Hypnosist

A Professional Hypnotist Portland, Oregon audiences will love! When it comes to comedy hypnosis shows for your next grad party, company holiday party, or other special event in the Pacific Northwest, Events Unlimited has the solution to your needs. We are the area’s leading provider of special event entertainment and rental services in the Portland, OR and Seattle, WA areas.

Our professionally trained Comedy Hypnosis and Stage Hypnosis programs are the ideal solution for any special event you are planning.

Our Portland and Seattle area Hypnosis Shows are perfect for all sorts of special events, gatherings, festivals, and parties:

NOW SERVING: Business Seminars – Dinner Parties – Corporate Events – Holiday Parties – Gatherings – Conferences – Sports Clubs – Colleges – Fraternities – Charity Events – Sales Meetings – Golf Tournaments – High School Grad Parties – Banquets – Award Presentations – Fairs – Conventions – and just about anywhere you are expecting a good sized crowd of people!

Fun Audience Participation

A Events Unlimited comedy hypnosis show is comedy entertainment, and we work as hard as we can to make our comedy hypnosis shows as entertaining and as fun as we can.  Our Hypnotist works with the group to involve them and create audience interactive entertainment from the minute the show begins.  Our hypnotists carefully select volunteers from your group, and hypnotize them in front of everyone.  Our fun, entertaining, and unique hypnosis shows are totally interactive and will without a doubt give your guests a memorable experience, from which you will hear great things. With over 30 years of special event entertainment experience, Events Unlimited has all of your hypnotist needs covered, and we have a proven history to back us up.

Master Stage Hypnotists Portland and Seattle
The first day we saw an entire tem of football players acting like ballerinas- we knew that our hypnosis training program had worked and that our professionally trained comedy hypnosis professionals are capable of pulling off some very amazing things.  Would you like to see your boss think he’s a christmas elf? How about your boyfriend or girlfriend think they are professional martial artists capable of teaching a class?   Without a doubt our hypnosis programs will leave your audience intrigued, amazed, and amused by the amazing and unthinkably funny actions provided by thier peers.  Memories are created at every single comedy hypnotist event we provide at.  The shows are truly about fun, and we make every effort to keep the content clean, as the last thing we would want to do is offend or embarrass anyone.

Call us today to find out more information about our comedy hypnosis entertainment programs, and let’s discuss how Events Unlimited can help you with your next party or special event!

Photos with Santa | Portland and Seattle

If you are looking for someone to provide a Santa Claus Program in the Portland or Seattle areas- we are here to help!

At Events Unlimited, we have been providing professional holiday entertainment packages and instant photo solutions for special events all over the Pacific northwest for a long, long time.

We provide photo solutions for a number of different companies, cities, towns, community associations, churches, schools, fundraisers, and all kinds of special events or private parties.  We are familiar with the Santa Unveiling ceremonies which can be used to start off a program and have several options to offer.

Our Santa Claus Picture programs can follow several different formats!

  1. Pictures with Frames – instant on site printing.
  2. Guests use their own cameras.
  3. Photos/photo packages are printed and provided at a later date.

We can work with you to provide line control, entertainers, holiday activities, and much more.  Our photo programs are just the tip of the pyramid of holiday entertainment options which we provide.

For more information on planning a holiday gathering,  some great ideas on entertainment options, and solutions to your photo with santa needs – please do not hesitate to call us!

We can provide everything you need, including the santa chair, photo backdrops, holiday decor and more.  And don’t forget SANTA!   Our jolly old elves are professional entertainers ready to answer all the kids questions and make sure that they have been nice!

Holiday Party Planning for 2010

Santa on the Beach.

If you are planning a Holiday Party this year- then Events Unlimited has some great offerings for you!

We are always proud to have the best items and entertainment available for holiday parties and events!

Here are just a few of the items which are popular for 2010:

Holiday Entertainers: From Santa Claus, to Mrs. Claus, Balloon Twisting Elves, Face Painting Elves, Reindeer Characters, Snow Man Characters, and a whole host of other holiday party entertainment offerings are available from our live acts division.

We also have some great party DJ’s, musical acts and bands, casino party packages and much more. We are leading the pack in live entertainment options for Holiday events in the Portland area!

Instant Photo Solutions – When it comes to instant photos, Events Unlimited has a huge selection of great options available. From Photo Booth rentals, to Green Screen Photos, Instant Photos, and even those Photo Flip books that are all the rage… We offer everything you could possible need for your event. We host all kinds of Santa Photos, and other great photo entertainment selections for special events of all shapes and sizes.

Holiday Trains – Our holiday trains are booking up rapidly, so if you are interested in getting one of these great attractions for your dates, we recommend getting on the horn now and placing a reservation!

Table Games – Events Unlimited has the regions best selection of pool tables, air hockey tables, Foosball tables, video games, and other fun ancillary activities available. We can find you any game on the market. All this with the great customer service and reliability you have come to know from us!

Game Shows – It is the season for acting a fool! Our game show programs offer your guests an opportunity to pretend they are on a real TV show. We can customize productions to include event or company specific questions, items, or games.

No matter what type of holiday event you are planning, No matter what type of entertainment you are seeking… At Events Unlimited we here to help.

Fall Events: Top 10 Ideas

Fall Festivals, Back to School Events, Fall Carnivals, Harvest Parties, Halloween and MORE!

As the fall season begins to approach the kids will be going back to school, soon the leaves will be turning colors, and dropping to the ground, and even sooner you will start seeing more and more sweaters, rain coats, and those familiar gray weather days that so many of us wait for here in the Portland area.  PTA parents, School administrators and principals, Churches, cities and towns, parks departments, corporations, shopping centers, and other organizations all begin the preparations for the coming season’s events- whether it be just a one day extravaganza- or a festival spanning several days.

All these people planning another year of fun and festivities for the fall event- and each person planning, whether a seasoned professional or a first time planner is looking for something to set their event apart from the rest.

Here are our top 10 ideas and planning tips which we can offer fall festival and event planners:

1) Determine a Budget.

This is the number one thing to figure out before you start.  Once you get the budget, try and get some more money to work with.  Like anything a fall event is something which the more you spend, the more you get out of it.  But do not be concerned if you have limited funds- you can still have a great party by planning it on an off night and being a little creative and careful with your spending.

2) Hold the event indoors

The coming season presents it’s challenges with being outdoors- so it is best at the least to have an indoor alternative event option.  This will allow you to keep your guests comfortable and your attendance up.  Another thing you may consider is simply renting a larger tent or some canopies to offer some shelter from the elements.  At Events Unlimited, we can help with any of your special event needs.

3) Send out invitations and marketing early.  Send out marketing and invitations again.

People these days are inundated with all kinds of marketing messages, so just because you send something once- do not assume it is stuck in their heads.  We recommend sending regular reminders as much as possible to your guests to make sure that it is something they are aware of…  Keep broadcasting the message and exciting the potential guests, this will ensure a larger turnout for your event.

4) Select Activities that are age appropriate

If you are planning a party where most all of your guests are 16 year olds, make sure you are choosing things that are of interest to them.  The same thing goes for any age group.  A group of 5 year old’s are not going to have much fun if you blow  of your budget on alcohol service, and a 45 year old is not going to have a great time in the bounce house.  So making age appropriate selections for entertainment and activities is imperative.

5) Make sure there is something for everyone.

If you create a nice selection of activities with individual items geared towards the different groups of people you have at an event, your are going to have a much happier crowd.  Offering a variety of activities is the best way to have a successful gathering, regardless the age span or size of your group!

6) Food/Beverage and Snacks should be warm

It’s getting colder outside.  Think Hot apple cider, hot cocoa, and the like.  You can always be prepared to offer cool drinks should we get warmer weather than usual- but typically, especially if you have an outdoor event- people are looking for a way to get warm.  This carries over into food service as well.  This time of year we see an increase in food items like nachos, popcorn, and the warmer varieties.  Our Snow Kone machines sit on the shelves for a few months…

7) Use extra decor elements to make things more exciting.

There are all kinds of decor options available to create a more visually exciting event entrance.  People walking up to a decorated and visually stimulating activity are generally going to be more excited about what is to come- giving your event a better perception over all.  We have all kinds of things from sky dancers, to inflatable arches, balloon decor, and more that will help you to create a fun atmosphere!  Just ask for some help.

8) For prizes: Have both fun candies and healthy treat options

We can help you with all kinds of carnival prizes– and can likely save you a fortune with our wholesale accounts.  But aside from the typical trinkets, offer both the candies that people regularly associate with fall and Halloween events- and be sure that you offer some healthy snack options for the crowd…

9) Host a Contest – Costume contest, Pumpkin Carving, or even a coloring contest.

A contest is a way to not only garner interest in your fall event or harvest festival, but it is also a way to build the excitement and offer an incentive to those who may be attending.  Many people will plan their approach to the contest and think about it, look forward to it, and discuss the event with others in order to prepare.  This will generate a buzz, increase attendance, and garner more involvement and effort from your guests!

10) Use a professional party planning and event rental company.

No matter what you do- make sure to use professionals when you order any entertainment, games, supplies, tents, or anything for your event.  There is no worse way to do things than to shop based on price alone when it comes to your event.  The best thing to do is to use a reliable source like Events Unlimited- be honest with us about your needs and if can do anything to help you- we will do it with a smile.

When you are planning – Step outside the box.

When it comes to planning a fall event, there are some of the old standby activities which are common at all kinds of fall festivals and parties.  It is your challenge as a planner to think up something new and different.  If you have an idea you think will work, call us and share it with us.  We will do our best to help you!

Santa Vacation, Details and Information

Santa Claus continues his vacation!

This is Santa’s longest vacation ever. He has been spotted all over the world in all kinds of exotic locations before he returns to the North Pole to ensure the elves are well prepared for this year’s holiday season. People all over the Portland and Seattle area’s have started placing reservations to have him at company parties, holiday galas, mall photo stations, and more- and all the while Santa is out and about having what some people might consider a little too much of a good time.

Poppa Razzi (Former workshop elf, turned Events Unlimited informant) has been sharpening his photography skills, scuba skills, and has made it a personal goal to capture Santa Claus on this vacation. Poppa described his encounters with the Jolly old Guy as not only difficult, but has also made mention of Santa’s elusiveness being entirely suspicious. He asks one question: “Just what exactly is the old man hiding?”

After weeks of only finding trails, hints, and left scraps of the old elf- Poppa recently meandered upon a Scuba Instructor who was happy to indulge some information on the whereabouts of “Big Red.” Poppa staged himself under the sea to get this exclusive photo of Mr. Claus.

The response from Mr. Claus regarding the photo, was that this is less a vacation- and is more of a work trip…  He states that he was actually under the sea examining a more effective method for him to deliver presents across the world using a deep system of underwater caves and streams.

Poppa Razzi disagreed entirely, and stated that even though this sounds like a good reason for the elf to be under the ocean- it was entirely untrue.  Poppa stated that though he did not capture it on camera, “Santa had a harpoon in his possession” and that the old elf “was merely down there settling a deep craving for seafood.”

The true reason for the under sea voyage remains unknown.  But it is at least – a very cool picture!

Another candid shot was achieved by Mr. Razzi later in the week when he meandered upon a very quiet beach following an uncommonly familiar trail of cookie crumbs, the sound of jingling bells, and deep footprints that could only have been created by a very large being…

As Poppa rounded the corner to the beach, he saw Mr. Claus doing something that we at Events Unlimited had never imagined seeing.  And he did manage to snap a great Photo of this amazing sight:

Poppa Razzi claims that Santa is ignoring his responsibilities, and that if people planning for the holiday season do not “get on the bus” and get their planning started soon- it may be one of the more difficult years to get a hold of the elf for parties and events.  “He will simply be to busy with last minute stuff on his end to be able to help with appearances at various people’s last minute parties and events…”

This warning is one which we at Events Unlimited take very seriously- SO all you holiday party planners out there, call us now and reserve your dates.  Let’s start discussing the entertainment options and possibilities that can be put aside for your date!

Game Rentals – Carnivals, Picnics, & MORE

Game Rentals add a whole new entertainment element to any special event.

There are all kinds of great game rental options available for special events from www.clowns-unlimited.com – we offer hundreds of game and party rental options.  Our company is a full service party planning and events company- so you know when you rent from us that you will be taken care of.

At Events Unlimited we pride ourselves on providing the best rental options around.  Our inventory of gaming options is chock full of all kinds of amazing arcade games, video games, inflatable games, carnival games, jump houses, and much more.  We take pride in having the best selection of event rentals for all kinds of parties and gatherings.

Your next special event will be a huge success when you call on us at Events Unlimited.  We can simply be a game rental provider or we are also able to work with you to plan and coordinate every aspect of your special event.  Our professional event planners and event managers are skilled and experienced with all phases of special event planning and coordination.

Our inflatable games and rides selection is absolutely uncomparable to any one in the Portland or Seattle Areas. We have the Largest inventory of inflatable games for rent in the Pacific Northwest. Our Services are available in all of Oregon and Washington. Specializing in events and entertainers and inflatable games in Seattle and Portland, and close in surrounding cities like Tacoma, Seattle, Everett, Beaverton, and more we ae able to offer a broad range of party solutions. With our offices headquartered out of Seattle and Portland, and a huge fleet of trucks available to serve the entire region- we have done events as far out as Spokane, Walla Walla, Tri Cities, Ellensburg, Bellingham, in Washington. In Oregon we have traveled from Bend, to Medford, Astoria, Florence, Eugene, Salem, Ashland- and beyond.

Our Inflatable Games are always a success, and we are always pleased to help- We are your choice if you need inflatable games portland or inflatable games seattleCALL US TODAY TO RESERVE YOUR DATE!

Santa Vacation – BEACH PHOTOS!

Events Unlimited, Exclusive Santa Claus Photos!

Santa Claus, caught on the beach this summer. A Events Unlimited Exclusive Story!

The ever so famous Mr. Claus, AKA: Santa, Santa Claus, Kris Kringle, Jolly old Elf, and many more… Caught on the beach during his summer vacation.  Much like the ever so popular Mel Gibson tapes from Radar Online, we will only be leaking a few of these pictures at a time.  Stay tuned for more developments on the elf and his whereabouts.

For now- Feast your eyes on this:

Santa is schocked to be found by our staff Photo Grapher who was assigned to follow him on a company provided vacation.

Mr. Claus gets a bit excited when he sees our photographer on the beach.  We all know the old guy.  He is always happy to see anyone- but when our staff photographer: Poppa Razzi (a disgruntled former workshop elf who now works for us) moseyed upon this undisclosed private remote beach location and found a giant red elf spread out in the sun – the sprite old guy was a little nonplussed.   Poppa Razzi described the encounter as both exciting and extremely frightening as the elf was upset.  He is reported to have been very displeased that his vacation and relaxation time was being interrupted.  (But that is what happens when you take a trip on the company dime!)

We are glad to be the first to bring you these candid Santa on Vacation shots.

Unfortunately Poppa Razzi only got a couple of shots as Santa made his escape.  But he has now made it his goal to bring us endless Santa Claus shots from this vacation, stating that this initial encounter created what he described in a later phone call to our offices as a “Blood war.”

Mr. Razzi was unwilling to clarify any further details regarding the encounter and would only state that he was “committed to providing us with more Candid shots of the elf, so that we can be sure to understand exactly what type of guy he is…”

Mr. Claus was unavailable for comment on the photos.

Santa runs Away

Santa Runs away.

Santa Claus has never been known as much of a runner, but somehow he managed to run away very quickly this day on the beach.   Mr. Razzi reported that Santa moved so quickly his speed was comparable to a bolt of lightning, and that the Big Guy moved with the grace of a gazelle.

While Claus got away this time, we are in possession of his itinerary and have access to all his reservation info- so you can rest assured there will be more news from Santa’s vacation.

Until then, make sure that you are up to date with all your upcoming holiday party planning- as there are only a few weekends to have a holiday party- and our Decembers book up very quickly.

We have created a great guide for holiday planners which is available for free here on our site.  We also have a list of great holiday party ideas for entertainment and game rentals.

But the bottom line is while Santa is spending his time out on the beach, running from photographers, and relaxing for the upcoming holiday season… We all need to think about what we will be needing from him this year, setting our dates aside and placing reservations so that we can throw parties that will make him proud.

Top 10 Holiday Party Entertainment Ideas

If you are planning a holiday party and you need some ideas on great entertainment or activities to keep your crowd busy then you will be glad to find Events Unlimited’s top 10 ideas for fun at a holiday party.

Whether you are planning a holiday party, company christmas party, neighborhood gathering, special event for a members club, or any sort of seasonal festivity- we can help.  Our incredible selection of catering options, games, activities, professional event planners, and management services are the perfect addition to any special event you may find yourself planning.

Here are the top 10 entertainment ideas we see during the winter season:

1) Hire a Santa. – Santa is the perfect guest for any event.  Most often we provide our Santa services for picture opportunities.  Kids love to get a photo with the Jolly old elf, and we can print pictures right on site for any event.  Santa is also a great person to have pass out gifts, greet people at the door, and in some cases we have even provided services for malls and shopping centers- where we do a full Santa program, complete with an after thanksgiving Santa unveiling and celebration.

2) Hire other live entertainment acts! – Our live acts department is busy during the holiday season with all kinds of great special events and celebrations.  From elf face painters, to balloon twisting elves, reindeer characters,  Mrs. Claus snow man costumes, and much more.  The holiday season is chock full of all kinds of great entertainers and characters from Events Unlimited!

3) Holiday Trains. – Our holiday trains are hugely popular at all kinds of shopping centers, church events, special gatherings, and all kinds of other events.  There is nothing like a “Polar Express” train ride to get people in the holiday spirit.

4) Casino Parties – Countless party planners rely on casino entertainment for their holiday parties, and that is because the casino party is a huge success.  Every one loves a vegas night, and at Events Unlimited we help to deliver some of the regions best casino parties.

5) Game Tables, Arcades, and Xtreme Video Games – When it comes to making a full on game room for a party or event, count on us.  We have the regions best selection of pool tables, air hockey, foosball, shuffleboard tables and all kinds of other great game table rental options.  Our arcade selection is endless, and our professional presentations and custom video game presentations are a huge success every time we provide them for parties and events.

6) DJ’s, Emcees, Digital Juke Boxes, and Karaoke Parties –  Our professional DJ’s come packed with more than 10,000 radio ready songs. They are fun group leaders and can emcee any special event you are planning.  In addition, Karaoke is always popular.  And at Events Unlimited we have a great selection of karaoke favorites which will entice every one to sing a round!

7) Photo Booth Rentals – All of our photo activities become very popular during the winter months as they are a great way to capture memories and give party guests a keepsake to remember the special event by.  Our photo booth rental options are great, as well as our Green Screen Photos, Instant Photo solutions, and Photo Flipbook programs!

8) Game Show Productions – When it comes to figuring out one fun activity for a large group the game show is always a hit.  People of all ages love game shows and everyone loves to be in one.  The best thing about our gameshow productions is that they can be customized to include questions about your guests, your group, company, or a specific person at the party.  We can also create gameshows with popular christmas questions and answers.

9) Holiday Arts and Crafts Activities. – This category is limitless.  At Events Unlimited we support countless arts and craft programs for large scale events across the Portland area.  During the holiday season we provide Gingerbread House making stations, cookie decorating activities, and a myriad of other great fun arts and craft options for event planners.

10) Concession Machines – We make colored popcorns, cotton candies, and snowball snow kones all winter long.  We also provide a great amount of other fun food options for any party or event you find yourself planning this holiday season.

If we can help you plan your upcoming gathering, please let us know and we will do our best to provide you with leading edge holiday entertainment and special event planning services.  Our party rental business supports countless holiday parties and special events throughout the Portland and Seattle metro areas, and we would be honored to provide at your next special event.

Water Games and Slides

Water Slide Rentals, Games and more “COOL DOWN” must have’s  for Portland and Seattle area parties and events.

It takes a while to heat up here in the Pacific Northwest, but on those weeks and weekends that it does get into the 90’s and 100’s the people in the area are in desperate need of  nice fun cool down and water activities for planned functions, outings, and just something fun for backyard play.  At Events Unlimited we have a great selection of water games and water attractions that are ideal additions to any party, gathering,  or special event you are planning.

Misting Tents – A tent is great in the heat, as it provides shade.  But our misting tents are a huge success when it is hot hot hot!  If you have ever sat outside on a hot day at a restaurant and been cooled down by the presence of misters – then you know the benefits a mister has for cooling down people.  These misters are great for large crowds, or even to sit under on your patio.

Water Slides – A water slide is always a huge hit.  Kids love to get wet in the hot summer sun, and our water slide rentals are the perfect way to cool down.  The super splashdown is a perfect water slide system with a pool at the bottom which you can slide right into!

Water Tag Maze – When it comes to playing tag- there is no more fun way to do it than in our amazing water tag maze.  Individuals get giant water pistols that are designed for the maximum soaking… The water tag maze is an ideal attraction for any company picnic, or gathering where you need to beat the heat and offer a fun activity that everyone can enjoy.

Slip n Slides –  When we were kids we just put down some plastic, sprayed water, and slide on it.  While we occasionally hit a rock, or a sprinkler – and hurt ourselves we knew we were on to something…  These days we have giant cushy inflatable slip and slides that provide a much more fun, exciting and much more comfortable experience.

Dunk Tank – A classic water carnival attraction that always draws a crowd and garners excitement.  The dunk tank is great for having a fundraiser on a hot day, or is the perfect way to cool down anyone who needs it!

Pitch Burst – The pitch burst is a very similar game to the dunk tank, only instead of sitting perched above hundreds of gallons of water, the pitch burst has the contestant sit below a giant balloon which is filled with water.  When the target is hit a giant needle pops the balloon and SPLASH!

Water Themed Games – While these games do not have water in them- they are the perfect addition to any special event where you might be planning for some water activities or beach themed fun.  These attractions are always popular for company picnics, parties, birthday parties, and all kinds of great community festivals or special events.

Tent Rentals – Top 5 things you must consider!

Tent Rentals are a great solution for creating temporary shelters for all kinds of parties and events. Our experienced tent and event rental providers offer the top 5 things to consider when renting a tent for your upcoming gathering.

1) Size Of Tent

Determining the size of tent you need to rent – Tents come in all different shapes and sizes.

The amount of people you are looking to shelter, the activities you are looking to provide under the tent, and the space you have to work with where you are setting up the tent will all be major factors when deciding what size of tent you need to rent. A party rental company should be able to help you to determine the best size of tent needed for your special event.

2) Do you Need Sidewalls?

Side walls will protect you and your guests from the elements, can create a more private or intimate atmosphere, and will increase the budget you need to consider for your tent rental. Side walls are available with windows to let light in, or can come in all white to block out the sun and peoples views.

3) Set Up Access

When renting a tent– consider that the rental company will need access to the area you will be placing the tent. Depending on the size of the tent you are renting, they will likely need drive up access to the set up area.

4) Set Up Surface

This is a major factor to help determine the cost of renting a tent. If the tenting company can stake the tent into the earth, the rental will be cheaper. If the provider has to bring out tent weights or water barrels to secure the tent down in case of winds, then you will end up paying for them.

5) Additional Rental needs besides the tent

When placing your tent rental order, also be ready with any other party rental needs you may have. People who rent tents in most cases rent tables, chairs, and other items for special events. Having all your rental items come from one place will in most cases save you delivery fees from several companies.

There are all kinds of items available which are commonly added to tent rental orders. Our full scale event planning services may end up being of value to your special event- especially if you are considering planning for any amusement or entertainment activities.

Fortune Tellers and Psychics

Fortune Tellers Predict you are going to have a GREAT party as long as you book your entertainment through Events Unlimited!

At Events Unlimited we provide top level entertainment services for special events. Our performers are the best you will find, and they are all backed 100% by us. We are the industry leader in entertainment and entertainers for special events and parties in the Portland and Seattle areas.

Fortune Tellers – Tarot Card Readers – Psychics – Stage Hypnotists – AND MORE.

There is truly no end to the types of entertainers and performers we can put together for a special event. We have countless resources, and employ some of the area’s leading theatrical talent, professional actors, and most experienced corporate or private party entertainers. Our company was founded by a seasoned party clown, and further expanded into the Portland area by another leading provider of children’s entertainment. Many of our performers are very schooled in the performing arts.

We have candidates who have years of experience, BFA’s, MFA’s, and countless other documented hours of training in their fields. Beyond the fortune tellers in portland, psychics, and other live entertainers offered above, we also have a massive amount of additional talent and performers who are available for all kinds of special events and parties!

Face Painters
Airbrush Artists
Temporary Tattoos
DJ’s Disc Jockeys
Pirate Entertainers
Princess Entertainers
Safari Entertainers

At Events Unlimited your entertainment selection and professional entertainment providers are UNLIMITED.

We are able to offer the full gamut of event planning and entertainment services to include everything from basic tents, to food, entertainment, games, rental options, and more.

Carnival Rentals – A How to Guide.

Reserving carnival rentals, including things like dunk tanks, bounce houses, carnival rides, and carnival games can be a challenge.  Here is our guide to reserving rental items for all types of special events.

Planning a carnival can be fun!

Renting the right attractions makes for a great carnival!

The bottom line is that if you find yourself planning a carnival- whether it be for a school, your church, a company picnic or party, summer camp program, or any other organization you need to cover your bases to make sure that the event goes well.  You need to utilize a carnival rental company which you can trust to show up, which you can rely on to provide quality equipment, and one with staff who are helpful.  At Events Unlimited, we are the premiere carnival company in the Portland and Seattle areas- and we are happy to share our years of experience and special events expertise with anyone who finds themselves in the planning stages of a carnival, party, or event.

Like any project you will need to ask some basic questions which will help to determine the needs which need to be met of the carnival event.

The 5 W’s – basic Who, Where, What, When and Why’s.

Who is the carnival for?

How many people?  How Many Kids vs Adults?  This will determine what activities and how many of each are needed.  It will give an idea of what is needed to avoid long lines, how much space is needed for attractions, and how much space you have available for people.

Where is the Carnival to be held?

Determining where the carnival is to be held will give specific parameters to the event which must be followed.  The number one being space.  Depending on the Season you may need a covered area or a gym.  In the summer months or when you are much more likely to have good weather a big open field is an ideal location.  Parks, athletic fields, and event parking lots can all be wonderful locations to host a carnival.  The space also determines the power available, which can either be sufficient, or in many cases we offer generator rentals.

What things do you want to have at the carnival?

There are many different carnival games and carnival activities available for your event.  We offer the regions best selection of carnival games, inflatable games, bounce houses, inflatable slides, obstacle courses, hi strikers, dunk tank rentals, video games, tents, carnival booths, concession machine rentals, ferris wheels, spin rides, climbing walls, mechanical bulls, surf machines, bungee trampolines, laser tag, dodgeball arenas, instant photo solutions, trackless trains, water slides, mini golf, joust, sumo, bouncy boxing, entertainers, clowns, face painters, balloon artists, dj’s, music, table game rentals, arts and crafts, carnival games and prizes, and so much more.

Determining what you want, what your budget is, and how much stuff we can cram into your event location is the best way to roll!

When is the Carnival?

Determining a date can be a big factor for getting a crowd to show up to the event.  People like to know about things in advance, so that they can plan to be at the carnival.  Hosting an event on a weekday often means that one parent or another can not make it (unless it is after typical work hours.)  Where as, weekend days typically are better for most families to attend together.  Ultimately- deciding a date well in advance and planning your rentals in advance will help you to have a more successful, well planned, and well executed special event.

Why are you having a Carnival?

Either you are looking to raise funds, or raise morale, create community, celebrate an occasion, or any other specific goal.   Determining the reasoning behind any event helps to determine budget, items needed, and whether you have volunteers to work with, or need a fully staffed carnival.

We have some customers whose goal is to make money.  We have other customers who simply want to make sure there is enough fun for everyone, activities that interest different people, and no waiting in line.  No matter what your goals, we will do our best to help find the perfect selection of activities and entertainment for your special event.

Party Tent Rental Guide

Party Tent Rental Guide

Party tents are a great added feature to any gathering or special event you are planning. Besides adding a formal or more “official” feeling to your party, the tent also serves a great protection to protect you and your guests from the elements. There are a number of options of kinds of tent solutions which are available to meet the needs for any expected weather conditions which may otherwise affect your event. We have several different rental solutions which are available for differing weather or seasonal needs. Tent rentals are available in all different sizes to meet the needs of all types of gatherings.

Party Tent Rentals- Determining your needs based on expected weather.

During the summer months we rent the most tents and canopies for parties and events. There are simply way more events happening during this time because people can typically expect a much more favorable outdoor weather experience. None the less, tent and canopy rentals are still needed to protect guests from the sun, variable rain patterns, or other environmental occurrences.

The biggest thing to decide when you need to determine your rental is whether you need a canopy rental or a tent rental. Typically a “party canopy” is just the top of a tent which acts as a simple barrier from the sun. A canopy offers shade and a reasonable amount of protection from rain or showers.

A tent rental is a fully enclosed canopy structure with sidewalls. These are much better when you need protection from the elements. The tents can act as full on temporary structures for just about any kind of event need which may arise. Temporary Flooring, Heating, Cooling, lighting, windows, clear tops that allow sun inside, and all kinds of other solutions are available to make you and your guests as comfortable as possible considering the outdoor weather conditions.

Should you find yourself planning an event and in need of help with your tenting or temporary structure planning or management, we are more than happy to be of assistance.

Available Party and Tent Rental options for Special Events and Gatherings

EZ-UP Canopy Rentals – EZUps are a great solution for any party. They are a quick set up/teardown option- often utilized for vendor booths at all kinds of markets, festivals, fairs, or other gatherings. We have EZUP rentals available in 10×10 and 10×20 sizes.

Red-White carnival canopies – We have carnival canopies available which add a truly festive and fun feeling to any gathering you may be planning. Our carnival canopies are the perfect temporary carnival booth solution, and are available with striped side skirts to make a truly fun booth feel for any festival or special event.

Peak Canopy or Tent Rentals – Peak canopies are another fun rental option for special events. We have them available in several different sizes and shapes, which can be utilized to build tents and rental solutions for all kinds of needs. From 10×10 tents, to 10×20’s, 20×20’s and bigger- our peak canopies are a great solution to meet the rental needs of all kinds of events and gatherings.

Pole Tents and Clear Span Structures – Another style of tent rental which is available is a huge variation of shapes and sizes. Our Pole tents are the perfect solution for temporary shelter needs. Clear span structures are available for all kinds of special events and gatherings- and they are a solution to meet a number of different rental needs for large groups or large displays. A clear span structure is about as close you can get too constructing a temporary building for your special event.

Party Tent Rentals – We are here to help.

Renting a tent or canopy for your upcoming gathering can be a difficult task if you are unsure of what will best be of use to you based on crowd size, activities occurring in the tent, and basic variables which you have to plan for and accommodate.

We can take all the variables and determine the best solution for tables, chairs, stages, sound systems, lighting, and more. Our professional event planners and party rental professionals can help you to determine all of your rental needs and can provide a comprehensive quote for your special event. We have all types of event rentals available to meet the needs of any gathering you may be planning.

Tents for Rent in Portland and Seattle

Party and event tents for rent in Portland and Seattle.

We rent all kinds of tents, canopies, and temporary structures for events and parties of all shapes and sizes in the Portland and Seattle metropolitan areas.

Regardless if you are looking for a small tent for a back yard party, need a temporary shade structure for just a few people, or are looking to contract enough tents for even the largest of festivals or gatherings we can help.

Our portland tent rentals are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Carnival Tents – The classic red and white striped carnival tents make a festive event out of any event. Whether you are looking to add more excitement to your carnival or festival, create more traffic with a store promotion, or simply create a fun information station at a company picnic- we have a great selection of carnival tents available throughout the Portland and Seattle areas.

Party Canopies & tents- From the classic EZ up canopies in varying sizes, to canopies and pole tents which come in the larger sizes, we have the solution for all your tenting and event needs.

Peak Tent – Peak tents are a great way to spice up any event, they look good and make your event more whimsical and a little bit classier. If you are looking for a fun addition to make your event look a little nicer than the average party, and want to remain with a classic white tent- then the peak canopy is the portland tent rental solution you are looking for!

Regardless of your tent and event needs- at Events Unlimited we are glad to help you find a solution which will create the perfect event and keep your guests comfortable and protected from the hot sun or rain.

Party Jumpers!

Jumpers, Jumpies, and jump house rentals in Portland and Seattle!

We have everything you need to make your party jump! At Events Unlimited we have a huge resource of party jumps and jump houses in all shapes, sizes, themes, and more. So- no matter what your needs or what type of special event you are planning- we can help.

At Events Unlimited we rent party jumpers to all kinds of special events:

Company Picnics, School Carnivals, Church Carnivals, Birthday Parties, Community Festivals, and MORE

The jumpers are available in a number of themes, types, and sizes. Here are a few of the different ones which we offer:

Themed Jumpers – Bouncers – Our themed bounce house units are useful for all types of special events and parties. Here are just a few of our available theme options:

Race Car – Monster Truck – Princess Castle – Castle – Sponge Bob – Blues clues – Spider man – Fire Truck – Safari Bus – Lion Bounce – Gorilla Bounce – carousel jump – Palm Tree – Elephant – Choo Choo Train – AND more!

We also have classic moonwalks, and unthemed options which are larger- which are great when you are expecting a large crowd, or when you are considering an event rental of a bounce house for adults!

In addition to regular party jumpers- we posses the largest inventory of combo units around as well. Combo units are basically bounce houses which offer more bang for your buck. For just a few dollars more on a rental the combo unit offers a climb area and a slide and is available in a number of themes.

Bouncy House Inflatables!

Seattle Bounce House Rentals – Portland Bounce House Rentals

Bouncy house inflatables and jumpers in Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon. We rent a huge selection of inflatable bounce houses, inflatable games, jump houses, moonwalks, and more throughout the entire pacific northwest.

Bouncy House Inflatable Rentals

Bouncy House
and inflatable rentals for all kinds of special events and parties in Portland and Seattle are available for rental through our company. We rent a large selection of party bounces and other great party rental options to event and party planners of all types.

Our party and event rental inventory spans over 24,000 Sq ft of warehouses in Portland and Seattle, and we are always growing. For the best service, the best selection, and a successful event- Choose Events Unlimited.

Our bounce houses and inflatable rental selection is almost never ending- we have all kinds of great inflatable bouncers which are popular with kids. If you are planning a larger event and need several attractions- we can help with any number of inflatable games, carnival games, carnival rides- and other fun attractions that will draw crowds and entertain people of all ages.

Here are just a few of the bouncy houses and inflatable games options we have available for rental!

  • Spiderman bounce house
    Dora the explorer bounce house
    Spongebob bounce house
    Race Cars bounce house
    Monster Truck bounce house
    and TONS MORE!
  • Let us know how we can help you plan the perfect event. We can compliment any rental with tables, chairs, tents, and more!

    2011 Party Rental, Tents, Inflatables & Games Catalog

    Our 2011 Catalog has hit the press- get your sneak peak here!

    Download NOW!

    2010 Brochure Download

    Bouncy House Inflatables

    Bouncy House inflatable rentals in Seattle, Everett, and surrounding areas.

    We are the Seattle area’s leading provider of interactive games, inflatables, bounce houses, jump houses and all kinds of party rentals.

    Our bouncy house inflatables and jump houses are the ideal addition to any special event you are planning- and we rent them for all types of Seattle area event.


    Seattle Bounce Houses & Bouncy House Seattle

    Seattle area bouncy house rental and jump house rental. We carry the Seattle areas largest selection of inflatable and interactive equipment available for company picnics, school carnivals, birthday parties, and other special events in the Seattle, Tacoma, and Everett Metro areas.

    Palm Tree Bouncy House Seattle

    Bouncey House Seattle

    Bring the Tropics to Seattle with this great little bouncy house. Perfect at any … more >

    Spiderman Bouncy House

    spiderman bouncy house in Seattle

    Spiderman Bouncy house it the perfect jumper rental for any event … more >

    Lion Bounce

    Lion bouncy

    Jumping games and more from Events Unlimited- the lion bounce house is the … more >

    Gorilla Bouncy House rental

    gorilla bounce house rental

    Seattle Gorilla bouncy house rental! This great inflatable bounce house … more >

    Gumball Bouncy House

    Gumball Bouncy House Rental in Seattle

    This bouncy house rental looks like a giant gumball machine. The … more >

    Birthday Cake Bouncey House

    birthday bouncer

    Birthday Cake Bouncy House rental in the Seattle area! This beautiful … more >

    Blues Clues Bouncy House

    Blues Clues Bouncy House

    Seattle Blues Clues Bouncy House! If you rent the Blues Clues bounce house … more >

    16ft Carousel Bouncy House

    carousel bounce house

    Seattle Carousel Bouncer rentals- the sixteen foot round is the one which … more >

    Castle Bouncy House

    bouncy house

    The classic castle bouncy house for rent! This bouncy house rental is … more >

    Choo Choo Bouncy House

    train bounce house

    Choo Choo Bounce House for rent in Seattle, Washington. The Choo Choo is a … more >

    Clown Bouncy House

    clown bounce house

    The clown bouncer is a very popular bounce house theme for parties all over … more >

    Dora Bouncy House

    Dora bounce house

    Dora the Explorer bounce house is available for rental in the Seattle/Puget … more >

    Elephant Jump House

    elephant jumper

    Seattle Bounce house rental service, offering the elephant bounce house. … more >

    Monster Truck Bouncy House

    Monster Truck Bounce House

    Monster Truck Bounce House for rent in Seattle.

    Princess Castle Bouncy House

    princess bounce house

    Princess bounce house rentals for birthday parties and special events in … more >

    Race Car Bouncy House

    race car

    Seattle area race car boucne house for rent. The Racecar bounce house is … more >

    Sea World Bouncy House

    sea world bouncy house

    Seattle Sea World jump House for rent. Sea World is a great jump house … more >

    Sponge Bob Bouncy House

    Seattle Area Spongebob Bounce house for rent. Mr. Squarepants has his own … more >

    Bounce House & Party Rentals

    Bounce House Rentals and Party Rentals – Tips for a successful rental event.

    Renting a bounce house, inflatable slide, jump house or other party rental service does not have to be stressful- use this simple guide to make sure you are choosing a bounce house or party rental provider that is professional, reliable, and accountable.

    Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington party rental companies come in all shapes and sizes. So one can become overwhelmed when they realize all of the different rental companies out there to choose from. If you are looking to rent a bounce house or other party rental items for your upcoming gathering choosing the right provider ultimately will determine the success of your upcoming event. Rule of thumb number one is to always choose the right company.

    1) When renting from any party rental provider make sure that they are a real company. There are a huge amount of party rental and event providers in the Phoenix area who are not real businesses- many of these people simply rent a few bounces on weekends and have other priorities in life, which in many cases means your event comes second to the other things in their life.

    Choosing a professional special event provider means you can count on them to show up. The company is their priority- and this means your event is the priority as well.

    To determine if the company you are considering is a real company- look them up on the Washington State department of Labor and Industries website or the Filing in Oregon website, and make sure they are registered and licensed to provide in your state.

    2) Make sure the provider is insured. If the provider is unlicensed- they are likely uninsured- which can mean a big disaster for you and your guests if an accident or other unfortunate occurrence happens during your party.

    3) Make sure you get a copy of the invoice and service agreement.

    If you do not get a copy of this, how can you be sure the party rental provider will be delivering your rentals to the right place, at the right time, and charging the agreed fee?

    Get a copy of the event paperwork, and ensure that you review every detail so that you understand the full agreement, and so that you make sure that the party rental company has all of the right information is correct pertaining to your event.

    Double check these fields:

    * Delivery Address
    * Event Times
    * Day of event phone number

    If those are wrong- then your bounce house rental is not going to go very well- and you need to notify your provider immediately.

    So many times people do not check the paperwork, and this can lead to great frustration on both ends….

    Hopefully the above information will give you good results for your upcoming Portland or Seattle bounce house rental. If you need any information about renting bounce houses from a very good and reputable provider in Seattle, Washington or Portland, Oregon- do not hesitate to call us. We rent all kinds of bounces, jumpers, and inflatable games across the Pacific Northwest- in addition we are party and event planners, we offer a huge selection of tents, tables, chairs, and more for events of all shapes and sizes. We can literally assist you with all of your party rental, party planning and special event needs.

    Choose Events Unlimited for all of your Portland and Seattle bounce house and party rental needs!

    Party Games and Fun Rentals

    Party Games, Party Rentals, and Fun in Portland and Seattle

    We offer all kinds of fun rentals and party solutions for special events in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. Our services are available to all event planners, party planners, and special event planners in the Pacific Northwest.

    No matter what type of special event you find yourself planning, you can always count on the party and event planners at Events Unlimited to provide you with the best event solutions, the most entertaining performers, amazing quality party tents and rental equipment, and the largest selection of inflatable games, interactive games, and amazing fun rental options in the Pacific Northwest. Our event planning and event production resources are unlimited, and we are here to help you with all aspects of your special event.

    We offer all kinds of entertainment options and party rentals!

    Whether you are looking for classic carnival attractions like the dunk tank, or something more substantial like a ferris wheel we have what you need. We also have a huge selection of tents, tables, chairs, and event support options available for all kinds of parties and events.

    In addition to our carnival games, carnival rides and standard party rental options- people also choose us for some of the best clown, face painter, and other special event entertainment programs available in the Pacific Northwest. So if you are looking for a single performer, or enough entertainment for the largest festival, fair, company picnic, or other special event- call on us over here at Events Unlimited. We are here to help!

    Tents, Tables, Chairs | Party Rentals

    Tent Rentals – Table Rentals – Chair Rentals

    Planning a large party or gathering? Need some help with tables, chairs, tents, and other Party Rentals?
    At Events Unlimited we can help. We have all kinds of party rental solutions available for special events and parties. Our inventory of rental items includes just about anything you may need when planning a special event or party. In addition we have an extended network of party and event rental associates to assist us cover all the bases when planning any type of special event or gathering.

    Cook Park in Tigard is a popular company picnic destination.

    If you have found yourself planning a special event and need some assistance with your event planning, party rentals, entertainment, or interactive activity programming- we are the best suited company in Portland or Seattle to help. Our experience in the industry spans nearly three decades and we have served at many, many events.

    When it comes to determining your rental needs, our experienced party planners will discuss with you the details of your special event and based on various factors like crowd size, event type, venue, location and existing amenities. Every special event is different, and we can help you to determine the needs of your crowd.

    For assistance with planning for your group, do not hesitate to call on our professional event planners. We are happy to help and will do everything we can to ensure that you are well prepared for your group.

    Tent and Canopy Rentals in Portland, Seattle, and surrounding areas

    Party Tent Rental, Canopy Rental – Portland and Seattle

    At Events Unlimited we are proud to announce our party and tent rental division offers a whole host of party rental options available for party, carnival, festival, picnic, party, and event planners across the Pacific Northwest. When it comes time for you to start planning your event, you can count on Events Unlimited to be the best choice for all your special event rental needs.

    Not sure where to start? Call one of our event planners today!

    Tent rental for party or event

    Our tent rentals are available to meet a number of needs, and we can create the perfect solution for your special event.

    Here are just a few of the tent types we have available for party and special event planners in Portland and Seattle:

    Events Unlimited has you covered for all your tent, canopy, and portland party rental needs. Offering tent and canopy rental solutions in varying sizes across Portland and Seattle. We rent everything you need for parties and events!

    carnival tent
    Striped Carnival Tents & Carnival Booths
    Our carnival tents and booths are the perfect addition to any party package for just about any special event you may be planning. They create a true festive feeling and add a bit of special flare to any event. Carnival booths are available with and without the striped side walls!more >

    Canopy rental in Portland

    10×10 Party Canopy
    These are the ideal rental solution for a small special event, birthday party, or if you need a solution for a festival or fair. We often rent several of these at time when people are looking to create a place for vendors. They are more cost effective than our 10×10 peak solution as wellmore >

    Peak Tent
    Peak Tents
    If you want a traditional tent rental, which would be ideal for any special event or formal occasion- our peak tents are the perfect solution to your needs. They are available in a whole host of different sizes and shapes, and we can offer all kinds of solutions to meet the varying needs of our clients. more >

    We offer all kinds of great tent rental solutions for special events, picnics, carnivals, festival, street fairs, and more in the Seattle and Portland areas. If you need some temporary cover to protect yourself or your guests from the sun, rain, or wind just call on us.

    We have all kinds of options available and can create a temporary event solution for any need. We have installed floors, lighting, stages, power, and more in all kinds of tents. Our temporary AC and and heating solutions work wonders to keep a climate controlled environment in any weather.

    We also have a whole host of other portland party rental solutions available for special event planners. When it comes to finding the right things for your party or event- just call on us and we are happy to help!

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