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Carnival Game Rentals

Carnival game rentals. Offering a huge assortment of carnival games and rental activities to party planners, event planners, and planners of festivals, carnivals, or special events.

We have all sorts of great carnival games and attractions like ring toss, dunk tanks, can smash, hi strikers, and all the classic fun carnival games which draw crowds, and entertain groups. We also have a great selection of carnival game ideas which are always popular for event planners. Our creative team has put together all kinds of custom carnival game options for many parties and special events.

If you are interested in getting some custom carnival games put together for your special event, then we can help. Our creative team has offered all kinds of fun carnival games that have been developed by us to create a different and fun activity which works with and compliments our specific client’s theme, industry, or specific goals.

For example- a fun carnival game we created recently was a shoe toss for a major footwear manufacturer. It was the perfect addition to their event, showcased the product they were selling, and was a huge hit with the guests. Another carnival game we created for a major music industry record label was a “flush the one hit wonder” game- which was found to be absolutely hilarious by participating music industry icons and artists.

There is literally no end to the kinds of carnival games and activities we can offer, and our rental options are literally limitless when it comes to finding fun game rental options for events.

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We are the leading provider of entertainment and games in the Pacific Northwest, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you on your upcoming party or special event.

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